My first 5k under the belt!!

Am doing the Race for Life on father's day and decided that today I would do a test run! Followed Laura right up to the end of Wk6 and then took the decision to run it alone and up my times each run....well, today, I ran 5k and it took me 45mins! Perhaps not quite Olympic pace just yet but I'm chuffed to bits that I could actually do it seeing as when I first started, I found a couple of minutes of running a MAJOR challenge! Now I know I can do it, I need to work on my pace and maybe lengthen my stride....Thank you, Laura, you've changed my life and I can honestly say, I've been bitten by the running bug!

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  • Congrats!!! You know, see when you do the Race For Life, don't be surprised if you go faster. The atmosphere just makes your running so seamless!

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