Do you carry emergency ID?

I really like my route as there are always people about so I feel secure. However, the other day I suddenly felt quite vulnerable - it's just me running by a canal with a smart phone enticingly strapped to my arm. I also realised if I collapsed no-one would know who I was as I don't carry ID. (I do over-dramatic very well).

I've had a look online and there are loads of bracelet options which seem a really good idea but some are very expensive and look very bulky. I've got really small wrists (I can get away with child-sized gloves in winter!)

Does anyone use any of these ID bracelets or have any other way of carrying ID or am I just being totally ridiculous? Now I've started to think about it I'm thinking it's something we should carry. What do others think?


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14 Replies

  • I think you are being sensible and it is a good idea. The same thought has been going through my mind recently - if heaven for it I collapsed no one would have a clue who to contact.

    Another option might to be just carrying a small laminated card in a pocket or bum bag or maybe get a child's identity bracelet?

  • I think this is a brilliant idea and I would love to get one. Thanks!

  • I carry my phone with all my ice numbers in my belt. This way its not in veiw but a bracelet or a card does sound like a good idea

  • I carry my ParkRun bar code in a poly bag inside my bum bag, it has my name on it, might be a good idea to write contact phone number and post code on it. Also carry my moblie phone just in case of anything nasty happening.

  • I've got one of these:

    Looked at the bracelets, but they were quite expensive and I thought I'd probably forget to put it on anyway. The icetag lives permanently on my shoes (and you can even get one with your Parkrun barcode on)

    Friend got one, too, we really like them and arrived in a couple of days!

  • Thanks - Great solution. Had been considering microchipping and collar like my dogs!!

  • I know, microchipping for humans would make things so much easier - especially as I keep putting my passport and ID card in safe places where I then never find them again!

  • What a good idea! Will be ordering one for when I venture outside and off the treadmill...

  • Thanks for this - love the idea of attaching something to my shoe as that means I won't forget it but do you find in annoying flapping around?

  • No, I was worried about that too, but it just seems to stay in place and I don't notice it's there at all... doesn't interfere with tying the laces either

  • Fabulous idea. I have just ordered one with park run bar code on it...

  • Like the Icetags, thanks tantrumbean.

  • I thought this key ring looked like a good option and not at all medical.

  • I love that alternative but I want to make sure it's obvious if I'm going to need it, so it might need to look medical (got allergies I'd want people to know about). Think I'm going to go with the shoe tag for starters. Thanks everyone for brilliant ideas. Love the shoe tag with Park Run barcode - might actually make me do a Park Run so I can justify one!!!

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