B210K Anyone?

I found the B210K podcasts on my pc that someone posted a link to sometime ago. Has anyone else tried and/or completed this?

I'm not sure that I want to run 10k but on the otherhand it should help build endurance. I also tried re-running week 2 but fast run/normal run. Gary the Garmin said that I had run 5min km pace which was astounding to me but 90 secs was def all I could manage at that speed. I think I will add a speed run into the 10k plan on a regular basis.

I also remembered how much I hated the wk2 warm up music. The second track drives me mental, all I can see in my mind is some beardy hippy leaning forward of his guitar grinning in an "aren't I clever and witty" kind of way and I want to hurt him quite a lot with the guitar. I guess these are the scars of growing up in the 70s!

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  • Ooh, I sense you have anger issues ! ;-)

    I DO want to run 10k. I didn't think I'd want to but since joining the running club it doesn't seem out of the question and I want to do it and I even want to try a 10k race one day. I'd be interested to read what other people think of the B210K - I want to get back into a better routine when I get back from my holiday.

  • Didn't have any anger issue til that damn hippy got in my head!

  • I am doing the B210K programme

    I do it twice a week and then do a 30 min run at a bit of a faster pace. (still quite slow)

    Although I'm only on week 4 I did manage to run for over an hour during a race. I didn't cover 10k though but I'm not bothered, I still ran an hour!

    I need structure to my runs or I don't think I push myself as much

  • Thats is pretty much my plan but with an interval run, not sure I can run faster for more than 90 secs :)

  • I did intervals on the treadmill on Sunday, following Wk1 from the C25K program - 8 lots of 60secs run/90secs jog. It was surprisingly hard work, from which I assume it is good for me and plan to do an interval run every week :-)

  • I thought 90 secs might not be long enough to recover hence week two. Now just have to work out how to avoid the sodding hippy on the warm up.

  • Would really love to work towards running 10k - do you have a link for the podcasts please? Ta x

  • Enjoy..............



    Explains plan


  • Thanks Mirella x

  • For what it is worth I thought the step up from 5K to 10K was less traumatic than the step up from 0K to 5K.

  • It had better as I will now hold you personally responsible if it traumatises me :)

  • Ah, well, ummmmmmmmmm.....

  • I'm on week 4 of the b210k now. i find i need to have some smaller runs scattered inbetween the longer runs as endurance builds. Feeling pleased that I'm building up my distance and would recommend giving it a go.

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