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Sleepless nights and early morning runs!

My little girl is almost 3 years old.. so except for one or two nights it has been 3 years since decent sleep! Either I have to get up several (7 or more) times, or she wakes up deciding she's had enough at around 12 or 1, and it takes me a couple of hours to get her back to sleep.

I find the best time for me to go running is early in the morning, before breakfast. But on nights that she has been particularly difficult, I can really feel the difference and it feels as if I am sleep walking through the first part and just praying away the second half!

I have tried to do the runs other times of the day, but it just doesn't seem to work for me. My belly does not like to be shaken about once it had something in it, and after a day in the office my body just laughs at my head when thinking of going for a run.

So.. I reckon once sleep returns (it does, doesn't it??) I should be a super runner! If I can do half an hour when my brain still reckon it's on the pillow, an hour's run when I am fully rested and refreshed will be a doddle...

So I'm off to search for a 5k to 10k program. You can always dream... (interrupted).

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My son was just the same, I don't think people who haven't been through it really understand!

I am full of admiration you are keeping ut going. Sleep does come in the end, he's a teen now so we don't see him much at the weekend 8-). Bliss! !!!!!


Thank you Sir! :-)

I hear that it often improves around year 3, so can only hope. It is such a buzz when you complete the run though, makes it really worth it!


wow. I do not envy your nights! I am however highly impressed at your commitment. There is no way I could do it on no sleep!!


And I bet you would! :-) Being a graduate, I am sure you made your commitment and stuck to it through hard days! Thanks for the thumbs up! :-)


My son is 3.5 and gets up between 5 and 5.30am every day. It does make running really difficult, especially when your body wants you to crawl back into bed! Well done for doing it regardless of the tiredness :-)


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