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Running between nights

Well if there was an question about my commitment to this programme.... I just completed week 4 whilst on weekend nights. That means sacrificing valuable sleep to get out and run in between two night shift!! To be fair it was a glorious day so that made it easier. But who knows the effect on loosing out on sleep will be cod I felt good after the run!!!

Found my local park run today and am looking forward to being confident enough to enter one once I graduate.... then who knows what else I can achieve!!!!

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Pretty much anything you set your mind to. That’s what C25k taught me.

Well done on getting out there today.


Well done mate! Probably good for your sleep in the long run


I still got 2 night shifts to get through yet ha ha!


Yay, well done you. It’s really tough working shifts, and even tougher finding run-time while working shifts. 👏 👏 👏


I know only too well the joys of fitting the runs in around Shift work and lack of sleep but having spent years making excuses not to do it I now know it is possible and it really does make you feel better in the long run . Good luck with the rest of the programme .


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