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Early Morning Runs and Food

I've been getting up at around 6:15 to do a run before heading off to work - it really does gear me up for the rest of the day. I have a shower and breakfast when I get back, but I'm finding by 10:30 - I'm starving!! (and clock-watching!!) I'm doing WeightWatchers so always have fruit at hand but I'm wondering if anyone has ideas on what I could eat at breakfast to keep me fuller for longer. I usually have either 2 crumpets and a banana or 2 Wheetabix (w/ skimmed milk) and some raspberries on top.

Thanks in advance :)

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I would personally try an Whole Oat based cereal over wheat, something like porridge will release energy more slowly. Weetabix also contain refined sugar as do I suspect do crumpets, this will give you an initial burst of energy but it won't be sustained.

I get up at 5:30 am have porridge every morning, then depending on what day it is either run for 1 hour or do another form of cardio exercise, I then don't eat until 12:30.



Thanks very much for your reply. I think I'll give Porridge a go :)


Hi Oryxx! my suggestion would be that you need an amount of protein in with your breakfast cereal. Maybe a few flaked almonds sprinkled on top.

I have 2dsp rolled oats, 2dsp natural yoghurt, soya milk, a 'pinch' flaked almonds (1tsp?) and a dollop of fresh fruit - blueberries, chopped strawberries, or 1 pear,or 1 apple or the like. It is very quick to make.

That will sustain you for a considerable time! Porridge with the stuff added would be good if you have enough time to make the porridge. Hope this helps!


Thanks for your suggestion! I'll give it a thought!


I go with the porridge in winter with added apricots, but have sliced banana, Greek yogurt and sprinkle bran muesli over the top. It keeps me going until lunchtime 1.00-1.30.


I've been running at 6am then coming home and having porridge made with semi-skimmed, with a scoop of whey protein chucked in, and sometimes stirring through a little almond butter. I sometimes add Bananas, or blueberries, or a little honey, or a few dried cherries, whatevers lurking in the cupboard really. It's always yummy though, and keeps me going until lunch. The trick I found was to make sure I had enough protein and fat, then I didn't get hungry.


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