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Very emotional run!

After my 'disaster' of running outside last week and the knock to the confidence it gave me, I attempted my week 10 run 1 with a bit of trepidation. On I jumped back on my new friend (i.e treadmill) back in the loft and off I went. First five mins were awful, couldn't find my stride, music was getting on my nerves and it just felt uncomfortable. I dug in though and was determied to show that I had the strength and that the work I had done this far was not in vain. 38 minutes later, I finished my first ever 5k! I got to 30 mins (eventually) and felt good so kept going to see how far I could comfortably manage. The same groin pain, I've been experiencing reared it's ugly head, but I pushed on and was just so elated to finally hit the 5k mark. For all those thinking that you will never get to 30 mins plus, you will! I got off and burst into tears....who'd of thought that not only would I manage it, but to get so emotional over a run!!!!

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Wonderful! good to know that you made it - inspirational. Well done!


i got quite emotional at the end of the 20 minute run at the end of week 5, just seemed to have come such a long way in a few weeks. also as its my intention to do some runs for charity it started me thinking about the people/causes I'll be running for and that was bound to set me off!


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