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Week Five Run Two

Week Five Run Two

Well, I'm back just in time because the heavens have opened!! So lucky, it still hasn't rained at all on any of my runs.

I left the house this morning after trying to drag my boyfriend out of bed to come with me. He mumbled and clutched at the duvet. I told him that the Born to Run T-shirt he bought from Sports Direct is seriously inaccurate and off I went.

This one was a toughie. My legs have now turned to jelly and I'm getting serious muscle pains. During the second run I was convinced I was over halfway there but it was even more time before Laura told me there were 4 minutes to go! Luckily, I ploughed on and made it to the end. Quite scared about run three this week... twenty minutes!

Aside from the pain, I had a good time today because I was in my new running gear, courtesy of my friend's contribution. I wore my Love to Run T-shirt and mp3 armband so I reckon I looked the part. What I like about running along my chosen path is the amount of other runners there are. There are sporty ones in tight long sleeved tops, seriously fit people in Triathlon T-shirts, people in big baggy tops who look like they've never run before in their lives, women in leggings jogging along chatting to each other, men gasping for breath in brand new trainers. There was a woman this morning going like crazy, obviously training for a race. I looked twice and she was gone, she was so fast. It's nice to see all these different people.

I'm pretty proud of myself for continuing and pushing myself that little bit extra each time. I'm eating a bit more healthily too as a result because I really feel it after I've eaten or drunk too much. And even though my boyfriend won't come running with me, we bought some boxing pads the other day and he's had a good time thumping them to get some exercise. I like using them too, it gives your whole body a proper workout. Though I much prefer my runs!

Wish me luck for Thursday!

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Good luck for Thursday. Go for it, and you'll be surprised what your body can now do!


Good effort so far, I'm sure you'll be fine on Thursday! It would appear from the other posts that the anticipation is the problem rather than the run - fingers crossed... :)

Makes me laugh wondering how many of the other runners you've described are actually on this forum! ;)


Well done today I do the 8's tomorrow so will be thinking of you finishing yours.good luck on the next run too.


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