Couch to 5K

Week 4, Day 1. Done. Feeling it now though!

Well, I can almost say I enjoyed this mornings run. Out at 6:25 and home by 7:00 after travelling a PB 2.1 miles.

The last 5 minute run lasted forever, but I wasn't in any danger of stopping, which was a real boost.

However, as I type this, it has really caught up with me and I feel EXHAUSTED! Dragging my big butt around for that run has obviously taught my body a lesson. No pain, No gain!!

Feeling confident of completing Week 4 and the first 2 days of Week 5. Wk 5 Day 3 is what it is! Scary!

Happy Bank Holiday everyone!

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Each day can be scary but you know what, once you're out there and Laura is gently encouraging you, anything is possible! Well done on all you have achieved so far . . . . . keep it up, you'll be thrilled when you complete the programme.


I'm doing this run tomorrow! You've made me feel a lot better about it, so thank you!! :)


Let us know how you get on! :-)


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