Couch to 5K

wk2r3 and outside for the first time

Gym closed today and since I haven't been running since Friday and didn't want to leave it until Wednesday when the gym re-opens, I thought I'd better try outside today. Was a bit worried as to how my (61 next week) legs would stand up to it, and, sure enough, my knees and hips complained about half way through. However, the creaky noise died away as I went and I haven't suffered any after-effects. I used grass verges most of the way but it's rained ceaselessly for 24 hours so the going was very wet- at least it had the advantage of making me lift my feet up! I also know now that my running shoes are not waterproof! It was difficult to judge my pace and I think I went faster on the running bits and slower on the walking ones, but I did 3.5K in the 30 minutes which is the same as the treadmill so it all worked out in the end. Back to the gym on Wednesday for week 3 and time to double the intervals spent running- sounds like a challenge!

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Well done for completing the run, I found it very hard running outside when I tried and gave up until I was back to my treadmill(was on holiday) I am just a little younger than you 60 in August and started week 5 yesterday. I am taking it slowly though.


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