Going Stark Raving Mad

So almost 3 weeks ago, I picked up a random (not mine) child, and hurt my middle back - but still ran (didn't hurt when I ran). 2 weeks later with still some tenderness, the doctor suggested though it may not actively hurt when I run, I could be slowing my recovery time, so I should take a couple weeks off running and just walk. As if that wasn't enough, I slipped and fell on black ice, and seeeeverely bruised my tailbone a week ago - I also fell back and hit the back of my head... ouch!!! Summary? Sore middle back, sore neck (but it's improving), very freaking sore tailbone - painful to walk/use stairs (haven't tried running).

It's been a week since I last ran. A week. I'm going stark raving mad - how do you cope with being on the IC? I'm not doing it very well... not well at all.


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15 Replies

  • Ha! I know, I know! It's like a prison sentence, isn't it? But, what you must do, is stay positive. You could spend this time looking at new places to run, working out new routes, imagining the wonderful runs you will have when you get back out there again, think of all the people you've virtually met on this forum, and keep smiling! Sending you big hugs and wishing you a very speedy recovery! 😘 💐💐

  • thanks, Flossie.... soooooo frustrating. Maybe I will drag the maps out....

  • You just stick it out... :) Hard and very testing..but you need to listen to your body! I really empathise with you.. a few years back I fell on black ice on Christmas Eve..delivering local Christmas Cards... and hurt my Coccyx .. absolute agony.... do not attempt to run :(

    Rest and warm wheat pillow eased my pain.. and regular Ibuprofen rub....plot some new routes...and let people wait on you... :)

    Please take care of yourself... the runs will still be there... :)

  • such sage advice.

    thx oldie :-) I'll try. Maybe it'll help if I shop for a iWatch....

  • Yes..retail therapy helps..whilst nursing my broken ribs...I found it very helpful! 🙂

  • Sounds very sore! Hope you recover quickly but in the meantime, following Oldfloss 's train of thought, I feel sure you will need to look for a really striking pair of leggings or other essential item(s) in which to sally forth when you are able to run again :-)

  • Can't wait to sally forth.... lol Hmmmm shopping to pass some time.... I like that idea...

  • We are all terrible patients 😊 Christmas might be just the diversion you need ☺

    I hope you can give yourself some TLC. Epsom salts baths are good for sore bodies. Come back repaired and renewed in the new year

    Take care ☺

  • I'm impatient at the best of times - let alone having to wait out an injury - this is the worst. Never mattered before I ran. Damn running. lol

  • Ow ow ow!! You poor thing :( Take it easy and make sure you've properly recovered. It'll still be there when you're fully fit

  • Thanks, Lois... really, I get that it's just a matter of time, and running will still be there. I was just getting so many varied benefits from it!

  • I know and it must be so frustrating for you :(

  • Oh no you poor thing! You never want to run as much as when you are not allowed to. Hope you heal soon.

  • Exactly!!

    But really - to be honest - how amazing is it to crave doing something I never thought I'd be able to do with any kind of ease?? (preeeeetty neat)

  • It shows you just how far you've come!

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