Couch to 5K

No longer a fair weather runner!!

At 6am this morning I got up looked out the window and went back to bed! It was raining, I was meant to be running for twenty five minutes (w6r3) and I knew I needed to extend my route having made it home before the end of the cool down in the last two podcast – my new route just looks so far….

Two hours later however I was up and out there – it was still raining but it really did not bother me. I was still a good five minutes from home when Laura told me I was officially a runner now and with that the heavens opened!

So not only am I now a runner I am also one of those people I thought crazy for going out in such weather!!

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Well done, its amazing how what ever the weather we just keep going out and running, it really has taken over our lives


Isn't it exhilarating to be out running in bad weathers? Far far easier than running in heat!


Running in the rain is great...I always get the giggles for some reason :)


I'm a rain, sleet and snow girl myself too :) well done runner :)


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