How does one cope with bad weather and wet runners?

Hello Everyone! I found this site by accident, several weeks ago and just wanted you all to know how much this Canadian girl has appreciated all the info and encouraging comments as I finish up week 5. I live on rainy Vancouver Island, so I know I'm facing some nasty wet blustery runs. Any tips on coping with bad weather? Do your runners dry out in between runs? Everyone is telling me that Ill have to take my runs to the treadmills at the gym, but I will soooo miss my trail. Thanks.


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18 Replies

  • I might be on my own with this one.... but I love running in the rain! As it gets colder I think I'll have to invest in some proper running gear but when it comes to rainy runs, I love 'em!

    As for the shoes, Just pop them on a radiator to dry out! :)

  • If you have standard road running shoes - which usually have a fair bit of mesh - they should dry out overnight just by leaving them in the house where air can circulate.

    If you have trail running shoes, the Goretex-lined ones take longer to dry. I use Goretex-lined trail shoes for hiking and these take days to dry.

    BTW If/when I start trail or hill-running, I'll buy unlined shoes and put up with wet feet.

  • How fabulous to be living in Vancouver! We get lots of wind and rain here and it's very off putting before you go but once you get out its really exhilarating!

    I find the treadmill boring and will be braving the cold and wet with Trail pants and thermals!

    Another pair of running shoes might be an idea if one pair get too wet. Good luck and let us know how you get on!

  • Hi! No, not Vancouver. I live on Vancouver Island. In Victoria. It is beautiful here for sure, but we sometimes get the blues with the grey skies in the winter months.

  • I love Vancouver Island and am extremely envious. If the weather gets too much we can swap and you can come and live in London instead!

    It depends how bad "bad" is I guess, though I think VI is reasonably temperate not inclined to 12 feet of snow like some parts of Ontario??? Assuming its not too bad I second some of the other replies just put the hot water on before you go, have something warm in the over for tea and go for it! No such thing as bad weather just the wrong clothes. A great excuse to buy yourself some of the magically amzing looking Salomon off road gear - they are things of beauty :-)

    You must have some great running there?

  • I just might take you up on the swap idea. We have an amazing trail very close by called "The Galloping Goose Trail" It is very beautiful and well maintained ( and my favourite section is flat!) We only get a few inches of snow, once or twice a year, some years not at all, so I won't have to worry about that. Most likely drizzle and wind.

    I'll check to see if we have that off road gear here. Thanks!

  • Sounding more like a fell runner all the time Greg... Lol

  • Ha! I have some serious fitness work to do before that :-D

    I ran home from work and got turned around in the local forest and added abut 5k and probably an hour time allowing for stopping to compose myself and figure put where I was.

    Got to my local petrol station and had a very cold Coke - lovely.

    I am broken now :'(

  • I say enjoy the rain....and the views; i've heard Vancover is lovely!

  • i ran for the 1st time in the rain and loved it, i did wonder if it was because in my head i was thinking anyone who see's me will be thinking i'm a dedicated runner (or insane) but i was toying with getting a 2nd pair of trainers to alternate..

  • A second pair is a great idea!

  • Must admit I quite like running in the rain too. It's never as bad when you are out in it as it looks frm inside. But I agree you need to be able to have to be able to warm up with a shower after. It's hanging round in wet clothes that chills you.

    As to shoes I started this in North Face Goretex trainers but they are too heavy and take a while to dry. I've now got proper Adidas running shoes. They are very light with mesh uppers whic dry quickly and are even OK when wet. Did one run a few weeks ago when the route was in several inches of water and found them fine.

    What I wouldn't do is put them on a radiator or any direct heat (sorry boo_scribbles). However they've been through the washing machine 3 times which isn't advised either but so long as you go for a fairly gentle programme on the machine I think it doesn't seem to do any harm.

    Have fond memories of Vancouver Island having spent a few days there many year's ago. Stunning scenery and friendly people!

  • Thank you, hey, my runners are Adidas, so they might not be too bad!

  • I've found that stuffing wet running shoes with scrunched up newspaper helps them dry, pack them nice & tight & if they're very wet replace the newspaper with fresh after a few hours.

  • I bought new nike running shoes and have been training on a treadmill. I walked home from the gym the other day and it had been raining and I couldn't believe how little grip the shoes had in the rain! I was glad to have been running in the gym at that point! Does anyone have any recommendations for shoes that are light, would dry (relatively) quickly that also have good grip? I'm thinking of buying a second pair for outdoor running... maybe even a parkrun!

  • I bought Brooks Green Silence, I don't do road (or indoor) running. I regularly get them very wet but they dry out in time for the next run so long as I put them somewhere sensible. The only problem I find with them (and I've read this in reviews) is that the recycled laces come undone very easily. I am thinking of replacing the laces with locking elastic ones.

  • One of my dearest friends lives in Victoria and was on the Galloping Goose trail only this week. Look out for a tandem!

    Rain is a lot, lot easier than heat (snow and ice are more of a challenge) and of course from now on you'll be running much more than you are walking so you'll warm up if you need to. I found that it helped to take a very light backpack (an Onyaback) that I could shove my hoodie into if I got too warm for it.

  • A light backpack is a good idea. The other thing that im a little bit worried about, that I haven't mentioned, is running into cougars on the Goose. I know it's very rare to see one, but lately not so much. One was on the Goose last week. Has your friend ever spotted one?

    You're not supposed to run if you see one. You're supposed to make yourself look big and scary! But I'm thinking, what if I don't see him and I'm running and he thinks I'm prey? Now that I've said that, it sounds quite ridiculous.

    I wonder if other people running out there have to contend with wild animals?

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