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W2R3 - still on track

Just got back from my week 2 third run and things seem to be getting better still. Don't get my wrong its still hard work, and if it wasnt then surely there would be no point right?!

It was a lot busier at the park where i run, as there was a cricket match on and lots of people milling around so i took a much different route with hills, and boy did they hurt! I think in these early stages i will stick to the flat and leave the hills alone for now!

I had the map my run app going at the same time and the sigourney weaver sound a like told me that i had done 3.9km in 30 minutes so i'm happy with that for this early in the game.

Really looking forward to week 3 which i will be doing on monday before a big jubilee garden party so i dont feel so gulity for eating lots of sausage rolls!

really enjoying hearingf about everyine's progress and hope everyone has a great jubilee weekend!

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Well done, looks like you're doing well! My third run of week 3 was a bit hard on the thighs yesterday. I was okay until the last run and my thighs felt like lead weights. Funnily enough it was my first run without hilly bits and I thought it should be easier. Made it though and really can't wait until tomorrow morning! I think the 2 day break I had before the last run knocked me back. I'll need to find something extra to do exercise-wise for those days. Oh, this is getting compulsive! Good luck tomorrow.


Hi Nevertoolate,

Sounds like you're really getting into this too! I know what you mean about doing exercise on the inbetween days, i feel really restless too so need to get out of the house. I'm on baby duty today so pushing the pram around town should give me a good workout!

I'm hoping to get up nice and early tomorrow for run 3 (weather dependant!) and really give it my all for week 3.

Sorry to hear that your thighs were hurting on your last run. Maybe some swimming on rest days will help? it will take the weight off and can be nice and realxing too.

Best of luck for tomorrow and look forward to hearing your progress


Well done both of you! Let me know how w3 r1 goes - I've got it down for Tuesday...3 minutes do sound very long!!!!


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