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Week 3 Day 2 ... Now that was HARD!!

Week 3 Day 2 ... Now that was HARD!!

Day 2 done :) but it was soo hard! Easily the hardest it's been so far. It wasn't my breathing so much but my legs felt really tight (calves I think?) and they've never felt like that before. I couldn't tell whether it was just how it's meant to be or whether I had cramp!? It hurt more in the walking parts but after about 5-10 seconds of jogging it didn't hurt as much..?

Although it was a tough run, I had a right laugh with Tracey (mother in law, although not married to her son...yet lol) This made me realise how hard it is to run when you're crying with laughter, I thought I might pass out! Teehee :D

One thing I've noticed on week 3, for me personally, is that when I've done the first 3 minute jog, I feel like there is no way I can do the last 3 minutes but the song that plays at the end really makes me want to jog...and I do lol Strange eh :)

I'm looking forward to day 3 tonight but I do get the feeling that I'm going to struggle :(

I'll give it my all regardless - I've come this far :)

Keep it up everyone!!

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Rosey, make sure you are stretching (especially important in those first couple weeks), not just before you run, but also on your rest days. Also make sure you are getting enough water to rehydrate. You ARE going to be sore in the beginning, but that will go away as you progress into the programme. Keep up the good work!


Thank you Grammadog :) I don't stretch beforehand just after a run and never on my rest days, so I'll be sure to do more stretching and see how I get on :)


I find sometimes the first three minutes of a run are the hardest.. It's pure torture having to stop and start...


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