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Repeating Week 6, Day 2 and 3


So I was supposed to start week 7 yesterday... But for the first time in 7 weeks, I let my head win, and I didn't do it.  I was in a horrible mood last night, and I just did NOT want to run. The thought of it sounded like pure torture. (All excuses, I know). Ultimately, I'm afraid of the 25 minute run. I just don't think I'm ready. So I decided to go back 2 runs, and re-do week 6, days 2 and 3.. and tackle week 7 next Monday.  Am I a horrible failure for doing it this way?  Any advice?

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A lot of this programme is designed to test your mind as well as your body.. if you completed precious runs your body is ready for the next.. your mind has to be determined and positive.. believe in have come so far already.. you can do it.. some runs are just not good though.. just trust in the programme and yourself..and go out and smash it :) good luck x

sparky66Graduate in reply to sparky66

Previous runs sorry not precious lol


Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you were to start week 7, does that mean you've done W6R3? If so, you've already run for 25 minutes? Sorry, just trying to understand where you are in the program and what you've done so far.

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Shivani05

That is what I thought... :)

PotterBookGraduate in reply to Shivani05

Week 6 Day 3 was 22 minutes on my app


But.. if you have done Week 6 once.. then you have already run for 25 mins?? On Run 3...?

So... if that is the case.. what have you got to fear...:) 

Just go, slow and really steady... move onto Week 7..Go know you can do it ...:)


Week 6 day 3 in my app was only 22 minutes 


Nothing to fear and no rush to move forward. Just think how far you have come since the first week - no reason to believe that the progress will stop now. Take your time. Tackle it when you feel ready. You will do this!


No way! You are not a failure! The 25 minutes is manageable- you have done the training for this run. What's the worst that could happen? You take a minute or two to walk in the middle? So what! Get stuck in- you can definitely run 25. Good luck and go slowly. 


Out of curiosity, what will give you the confidence to run 25 mins continuously?

What makes you think you can't or won't be able to do it?

Have you had much difficulty with the preceding runs? How did your 22 min W6R3 go?

Going from 22 to 25 minutes is an increase of about 14%.  I expect the increases from Week 1 to 2, then 2-3, and 3-4_ and 4-5 probably had MUCH bigger increases. So 14% will be perfectly manageable.

I've just posted this in reply to someone else. Something to think about:


Did you know that when you train for a marathon (I haven't), you actually *never* run the full distance until the race (26.2 miles) itself? The longest training run will probably be around 20 miles - the principle being that all the training, from short runs at the start, to doing say 3x 18 mile runs a week, is enough to help you run a single 26 miles when the time comes.

Imagine running for 20 miles (maximum) in training and then expect to run 6 miles (10k!) extra on the day of the race? But the same logic and science applies.





You know best... not a problem at all. The longer runs frightened me too and I fantasised about just sticking to two 10 min runs 'hey' I told myself ' that is good enough, why run for longer?' Because you can... my consience chipped in.

Honestly,  the plan works and you will be able to do 25 mins then more. 

If it takes a bit longer until you feel ready for the challenge thats fine. You have come too far to let anything stop you from graduating now though.

Good luck and keep up the good work. Top tip, start the run slowly and leave a bit in reserve for the end.😊

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