Couch to 5K

Week 3 DONE! & My first post here

Was loosing my motivation ..I repeated week1 and week 2 as I was scared of the transition. Break through came from combining my run with the dog walk.

Its soooo much nicer to be running on grass or cycle track than it is to run on pavement.

I found Parkrun before I found this place. Knew I could cover 5K in about an hour (from dog walks) and they said they welcomed all levels. Warned the marshals that I would be slow before the start and was congratulated for having a go. I finished that first one on 31st March this year in just under 54min. I've been every week since. Had my turn to be the last one in 922/922. Last Sat I got my PB of 41:41 using a 5 min walking warm up followed by intervals of 60s running 60s walking.

I couldn't have got the PB without the C25k programme and I couldn't have stuck at the C25K programme without Parkrun

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Welcome, great post, well done on the parkruns, huge respect for going to the first one, I am sure you will inspire many on here!

I enjoyed the one I have done (which I did 2 wks after graduating) but tbh wouldnt have turned up if it wasnt for my big sis persuading me!


Thanks for your comment ...well done to your big sis for being behind you and giving you that last little bit of a push.

I just want to get the message across that ITS OK TO WALK in a Parkrun and that ITS TO BE ENJOYED rather than FEARED, The C25k is about developing stamina. The Parkrun is a race against myself and a way to measure how I'm doing.


wow 922 people? thats huge in comparison to the one I go to. The last one I went to had 125 people enter and I thought that was a lot!


I go to the Bushy Park Parkrun ...the one where it all began ... its accessible and FLAT.


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