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W4 R2 - note to self, heed your own advice and do not run on a sore foot!

So yesterday was time for W4 R2; I look forward to running every day (and am sad I can't go out on my rest days - what a change from 4 weeks ago!!). I've had a slightly painful foot for a couple of weeks now; I have flat feet and while the trainers I have are supposed to be good for them, they're cheap and old so they're really not doing the job properly.

Not entirely sure what's wrong with my foot, as it didn't hurt when I walked, just when I stretched my toes or bent it, but after W4R1, it hurt more and was swollen and bruised, and my leg hurt because of it (I imagine I was running weirdly, even though it didn't hurt while I was running). I used the RICE method, and prayed that it would get better by yesterday so I could carry on running. By the time yesterday evening came around, it was still slightly swollen but still didn't hurt when I walked on it and the pain in my leg had reduced, so against all my common sense I decided to risk it.

I really shouldn't have done, because now it's swollen again and hurts more than before. Argh! I know I need to invest in some new trainers, but I can't afford it at the moment, and I have my first appointment with a podiatrist (to hopefully give me some insoles for my flat feet) next week, so need to wait until after that anyway. It's my birthday next week, so will hopefully be able to get my gait analysed and by some new trainers after that. I really don't want to stop running, because I know the longer breaks I have, the easier I'll find it to give up, and I'm determined to go to the end, so I'm resting as much as I can today, icing it every so often, and I'm going to borrow some different trainers tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be able to complete the week!

Despite all this, and despite the many blisters caused by wearing silly shoes in this hot weather, and despite the fact that (although I waited until 8pm because I wanted it to rain) it was horrifically muggy and I felt like I couldn't breathe, I completed W4 R2 and loved it! I had to walk for 30 seconds in the first 5min run because I had a stitch, but I ran extra to make up for it at the end so that doesn't really bother me. It was far too hot though, I'm glad the weather's cooled down a bit for now!

I'd also like to thank @Innuendo for suggesting the Get Running App. Before, I was using an app that was using different times etc to Laura, and it wouldn't run in the background/while the phone was locked, so I had to hold it for the whole run and I couldn't track my distance/other stats. I was a bit wary about changing programme halfway through, but I'm so glad I did! It's not that different at this stage, and using MapMyRun I was able to track my distance and pace, which added a whole new dimension to the run and loved it!

I ran/walked 4.1k altogether (including the warm up and cool down) at a pace of 8min/kilometre which means that, at the pace I'm going now I'd do a 5k in 40mins which I'm incredibly happy with, bearing in mind that half my run at the minute is uphill and I'm hoping to pick up my pace in the 3 weeks between my (hopeful) graduation and my 5k Race for Life at the end of July.

So despite injury, I'm feeling positive about the next few weeks (apart from W5 R3 maybe...!!)

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Glad to hear you're feeling positive :) Definitely take it easy on that injured foot. Even if you do have to take some time out, it'll be worth it not to put yourself out of the game for longer due to a broken foot. It might be hard to get going again, but you'll be able to do it, it won't be anywhere near as difficult as when you started the first time.

Some new insoles will definitely help. I got some decent ones from JJB that make my runs really comfortable.


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