W2R2 - work and weather is getting in the way !!!

W2R2 - work and weather is getting in the way !!!

Well I was going to do this last night but it was too hot and then it piddled it down so I decided to do it this morning. At 5am. Cos I have to leave for work at 0645. Too early! I got up but I sort of didnt have the energy hehe.

So we are trying again tonight. After work. Fingers crossed. Else week 2 will run over 7 days but that wont matter - more important I just do it!

Just annoyed that Its been a bugger to fit it in the past coupla days ...strange...thought it would have been easy.....

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  • Good luck with your run tonight, hope it goes well, i just managed to miss the rain yesterday, tho i was dripping by the end anyway!

    Let us know how it goes.

  • Don't be put off by the rain. Running in the in the rain is great...in my opinion anyway! :)

  • Agreed, give me a rainy run over a hot sunny one any day

  • I have a new hatred for the sun!

    If its not raining, its not training ;)

  • I was praying for rain. Although the humidity last night when trying to run was crushing.

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