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Week 9 who'd have thought it ?!?

The programme has certainly had it's ups and downs. I have learned to love and loathe Laura's interjections( depending on how long I have left), but to have a little faith in the programme and in my body's ability to do this!

And so here I am on graduation week! Running for 30 minutes when only a few weeks back I thought the jump from 5 minutes to 8 was an attempt on my life!

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Congratulations on reaching week 9. I have just started week 7. It is amazing how effective the programme is. I also can't believe how far I have come and probably didn't believe it was possible at first. I remember struggling to run for 90 seconds :). It definatley gives you a sense of pride and acheivement as well as improving health and wellbeing. Good luck with the rest of your graduation week runs :)


Way to go! I too am on week 9 and am amazed with progress! Only a couple of runs left to go...see you at the finish line!


I'm on week 9 too. The whole programme is amazing - can't believe I can now run for 30 minutes as I have never done anything more than about 10 in my life before, even 30+ years ago at school.

Here's to graduation - not long now!


Thanks all X Have even got hubby on week 2...


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