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Made My Day

I finished week 7, run 3 yesterday. (Only 2 weeks more until I graduate!) I am definitely getting into the rhythm of it all, and often want to run even on my rest days (I have been good about resisting the temptation, however.) I ran a full 30 minutes at the end of week 6 - it was mostly to see if I could. Generally, though, I am at the point where I tend to lose sight of the incredible gains I have made. I am grateful to an acquaintance who helped me remember.

During a break in a rehearsal, a fellow performer pulled me aside and asked how my running was going. I told her proudly that I was still doing the program and had managed 30 minutes. She said that she could really see the difference in my (shrinking) size and muscle tone. It totally made my day. I am quite overweight and have actually been losing less weight since I started C25K than I was losing before. I have a fancy scale that uses bio-electrical impedance to measure body composition, but its accuracy is suspect, so I haven't been able to see a measurable change in body composition showing fat loss and muscle gains. In spite of my determination and attempts at patience, I have had my moments of feeling dispirited about it.

But if I don't see the small incremental changes as easily in the mirror, perhaps others do. And truthfully, my pants are definitely looser than before. I am pleased with the changes I am seeing and feeling in my body, even without the measurements to back them up, and grateful for the encouragement of friends.

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Brillant that other people are noticing your changing shape

There seems to be a thread on this site that people start losing weight when they are regularly running for the longer periods. I also read an newspaper article qouting research has found that running is one of the best ways to get rid of dangerous abdominal fat ( 'apple' shape fat distribution). Win, win ...


Absolutely a win!


Great stuff! I bet that made you feel great!

I'm two runs behind you (W7R2 tomorrow) and I've just had a similar experience.

My wife gives me compliments saying she can see my shape change and can see i'm losing weight (even though the scales haven't moved for two months) but she has to say that ;)

But once a month, I organise a local meet up for web developers & designers in my area and last night was the night. We all meet in a pub and have a beer or two and chat which is great... but on three occasions, the guys where saying to me 'The runnings doing you well, you can tell your slimming down' etc.

Its a great moral boost and now I can't wait to go running again (damn rest days!!!!)


I am really happy that you are having the same experience. Such a great feeling to know you are transforming into your best self. :) Congrats.


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