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W4R2 plus

Thanks to those who helped me realise sometimes you just have not great runs. After yearning for Laura to say stop on W4R1 today I slowed myself down and finished without swearing! Plus I found I'd gone further than I thought so did a very very gentle jog home to discover I'd done an extra 5 mins. Am now a tad worried I may have overdone it and will suffer on W4R3. I guess I can just take it even easier though? Tortoise and hare n all that...

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Don't worry, take an extra rest day if you need it. As the runs got longer, I used to start at a slightly lower pace. If it was a struggle, I would slow down. If it was comfortable, I would use up the extra energy on a quicker pace towards the end. Don't be afraid to experiment a little, but be prepared to adapt your plan.


Thanks sfb350 very helpful :D


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