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First time posting today. I started c25k on 6/12/18. Not run since I was a teenager. Having taken early retirement I want to improve my physical fitness and thought I'd give this a go. Tomorrow I'm due to complete W4r3. Found the last 2 runs hard work but managed to complete them. Really not sure that I'll be ready to run for a ful 20mins by the end of week 5. Wondering if I'd be better repeating week 4 again. I'm hoping my new trainers might make the running more comfortable but unsure what to do!

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Just give it a go eh! I never thought I could do that either but I think you'll surprise yourself. You'll probably go through a few breaking points - where you are thiiiiiiiis close to quitting - but if you can run through those you'll make it to the end. Trying is never failing, not trying is.

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Just go on and try wk5 you may surprise yourself but if you're finding it hard there's no problem in repeating wk4 , I repeated wk4 and then I was more ready to tackle wk5 good luck

Just take it slow and steady, and you may surprise yourself. The training programme really works, so if you have completed all the previous runs your body will be ready for Week 5 Run 3. Now you just have to convince your mind that you can do it.

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Welcome to the forum and well done on your progress.

This guide to the plan is essential reading healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

You have nothing to lose by attempting the runs.

Why repeat a run that you know you can complete rather than have a go at one that you are unsure of?

This post about W5 might help you healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Being outside of our comfort zones is empowering.

You can do this, if you believe you can.

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Great to have you join us. My situation is very similar, a middle age runner, last ran when 18. This programme has amazed me! I started with the support of my son who is a runner and coach, in his October half term. I think the suggestions here to go for it and also read all the wonderful tips to staying fit are wonderful. I have repeated some runs and never felt I failed. They built my stamina and enabled me to run 25 mins on Friday, again with my son. Good trainers help too and I stick to the grassy park at the moment. Feeling a lot healthier than this time last year. Good luck!

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Definitely continue with the programme, if you have completed all the runs to date. The best advice I had was that you make the biggest improvement in fitness when you find the going hard. I have also found that on the longer runs it is my mind that is my weakest point.

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