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W4R2 Plus Eddie Izzard

Just back from W4R2. Had rather achey legs from an intense gym session yesterday that pained me throughout the first 3 min run but eased up after that. Staminawise was surprised at how ... well, 'easy' is the wrong word by far, but manageable it was. Guess the programme really does work.

What I want to know is this: I was reading about Eddie Izzard last night and the epic 41 marathons in 52 days thing he did for charity a couple of years back. Apparently, he was 47 at the time and a total non-runner, but only had 5 weeks training beforehand... His trainer was saying it was mainly about mental preparation, but... but.. but... how is that even possible? I am very apprehensive about the dreaded W5R3 next week. I am sure I will manage it, because the programme has worked so far and so many others on here have said they managed it, but that's 20 mins running after 5 weeks. Not 26 miles. Every day for a month and a half...

Forgive me if I ramble. I just can't get my head around it.

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Me neither! I just can't imagine how that would be possible.


Well done on completing your second run of W4. Try not to look too far ahead to the 'dreaded' W5R3 because you have three more runs before then and you will have put in the preparatory work and trained up to it. You can do it - it's not as bad as people seem to think and seems to have gained a reputation all of its own (undeservedly in my experience). Just take it steady, keep calm and you will get through with no problem. Good luck with your next run and best wishes.


Week Five Run Three is an odd one. I completed it (as did a few others here, on the same day!) this morning and I really enjoyed it. It does seem like a preposterously big leap from the running sessions in the intervals and how on earth can such a jump be possible?! But it does work and I really do think it's mental than anything else. Tell yourself you're running for ten minutes and you'll run for ten minutes. Tell yourself you're running for twenty and you do, it's strange. You'll be fine with it; do try not to look too far ahead at what the coming runs contain though as it's easy to scare yourself by doing so! Well done and the best of luck with W4R3!


Eddie Izzard's training strategy was a high risk one - but it shows you that 'impossible' things can be done.

Unlike Miles_Yonder my strategy for tough stuff is to tell myself I don't have to do it, I can stop any time I want, I'll just do 5 minutes etc. So we're all different! What I liked about having Laura on the podcast was that I effectively surrendered and just did as I was told. Have some strategies ready in case it gets tough - smaller steps (run on the spot if you need to), definitely slacken off the pace, tell yourself you'll just get to X point and then see. Provided you don't go too fast it really is all about just keeping going.

It is one of the best feelings to be had from C25K cracking that 20 minute run.


Agree with Fitmo. It is a mental challenge as well as a physical one. Stay focused on the "now" rather than how far you have left to run. When it gets tough, focus on why you are doing this. You will do great. Best wishes for your next run.


You should be able to get Eddie Izzard's Sport Relief Challenge (3 episodes I think) on youtube or elsewhere, it is mad (as others said his training regime is bonkers, but he had a fab physio / coach / nutritionist etc which obv helped) but so inspirational!

Good luck with the rest of the programme...just start the 20min run slow and steady - you will do it and breaking the psychological barrier feels great!


Found it. Thanks for the tip. Watching episode 1 at the moment. Still can't fathom how it was possible, but it is inspiring stuff.


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