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can I ride my new bike on rest days

I am now half way through week 4 2nd run this morning went well but legs were a bit tired. My husband and I have bought new bikes for cycle paths only traffic scares me. I am not a confident rider or fast but I need to start practicing, I will need to start with small rides as I need to build up cycling muscles.

So do you think it will be ok to start and maybe do 20/30 mins on a rest day.


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Hi glendam52,

You can definitely go cycling on rest days. There is "active resting" and "passive resting". Active resting is obviously just what it sounds like. You do any other activity except for running. You can walk, cycle, swim, cross train, use gym weights (even the leg machines as these are not impacting joints, but are strengthening the muscles which you use in running). In short, you can do anything that isn't causing running type impact on the knees, hips and ankles. These are the bits you are "resting".

Passive resting doesn't mean lying on the sofa eating sweeties; it means going about your daily activities, work etc, but not doing any extra exercise.

Hope that helps!!



The short answer is, sure! Just don't (as CaroleC just mentioned) do any "pounding" type exercises.

I have been riding my trail bike on 3 of the "rest" days since W1...not far, mind you, or you WILL pay in tired legs.

Have Fun....I see a triathlon in your future (lol)!


I cycle for about an hour 3/4 times a week with no problem but am sticking strictly to the C25K plan with regard to running.


I got a new bike too and I've notched up 80 miles in a month on my rest days. I am doing rides of 20 miles or so with some hills and my legs do feel a little heavy sometimes on running days but I am on week 9 run 2 and all is well. I swim three times a week also so don't be afraid to try things between your runs. If you're not in pain you are fine.


And if you are not confident riding in traffic (or even if you are), John Franklin's Cyclecraft is a must have - trains you out or curb-hogging and teaches you how to be safe and confident in traffic. Ask any cyclist and they will tell you it should be compulsory reading!


Thanks for the replies some of them were very amusing triathlon indeed.

Will look at the book thanks tantrumbean. I amazed how many miles people do I would love to cycle anywhere (flat) just to feel your going faster than I can walk but still get the excercise.

Got out later after the rain and boy is that going to take some work. Came home wondering if anyone knew where to get stabilisers from. But we rode for about 30 mins then my legs were like jelly but its a start.


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