Couch to 5K


Well up and out with the dog (Flo) this morning, or the begining of week 2. Felt pretty good although they had just cut all the grass in the park so my breathing was heavier then normal. But still felt like i could do more at the end although that maybe because it was slightly cooler this morning.

Cant get the KEEP ON RUNNING tune out my head and people in work keep mentioning how happy i am looking. Must have been a miserable sod usually.

Keep up the good work everybody


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Well done! Doesn't it give you a lift? Keep on running!


Well done, I'll be doing W2 R1 tomorrow morning, can't wait!


Well done, I found it really hard to switch to 90 seconds, but a lot of people seem to find they get into their stride better. Good luck for the next one!


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