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Strength and Flex with the lovely Laura :)

Up until now I havnt bothered with any kind of stretching. I just do the 5 minute warm up and cool down at the beggining of each run as I've become acustomed to doing with the C25K Podcasts.

Recently I've experienced more and more tightness on my rest days (I run every other day). Initially I've experienced tightness in my calves and achilles tendons, and more recently I've experiences aching accross the top of my toes.

Soooo, yesterday evening I wondered whether this was all linked, and due to my lack of stretching exercises. I decided to start the Strength and Flex Podcasts. I had a go at No1 yesterday evening. It left me feeling a little more flexible but the biggest difference was when I got up this morning. My calves and achilles felt much less tight than normal, and the aching in my toes ( which had been there at least since the weekend ) had virtually disapeared :) :) :)

I also felt pretty good on my 10k run this morning, and put in a personal best for my hilly route (I can do better on the flat though :) )

What's more, now at 16h00 (my run was at 5h30) my legs are feeling better than they have for weeks and my toes are much better.

Soo, if like me, you dont do much in the way of stretching exercises, I urge you to consider Laura's Strength and Flex. It is pretty gentle, and seems to be quite effective :) :)

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I shall give a whirl - thanks


Zev, you haven't done any kind of stretching?!! I don't know how you've managed to run for so long without stretching as my body tells me it needs to before I know it!

I read something recently (can't remember where) that said we should be as flexible and supple as possible when running to prevent injuries and soreness. I guess it makes sense doesn't it?

Glad Laura has come to the rescue again.


The podcasts are here:


From that site:

Can I do Strength and Flex with Couch to 5K?

You can easily combine the Strength and Flex workouts with our popular Couch to 5K running plan or the 5K+ running series, by following the plans on alternate days of the week.


Thanks, I'm gonna try it too x

I do always stretch after a run, but I really don't want any problems, that may interfere with it. My calves have felt tight recently, so perhaps my current stretching isn't sufficient



There is a series of stretches for runners at nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/...

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I've downloaded that and have been meaning to give it a go for AGES.... I'm getting a lot of calf/shin/tendon pain, even with warming up, cooling down, stretches, rollering, getting "stuck in" with thumbs, icing, compression..... Will give it a try, definitely!


I do some basic stretching when I run (if I remember first!)... but went to the osteopath on tuesday and she has given me some further stretches as well as foam rolling to do, which will apparently make me feel like a new woman by easter! So I need to get into a good habit before and after running when I start going again. Definitely need to do some sort of stretches, it does help :)


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