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Horrible run, abandoned!

My runs have gone to pot the moment the weather changed. I have only been getting out about twice a week and not 3 times as I should and yesterday was the first time ever that I had to abandon a run after about 15 mins. Felt dizzy, sick , legs like lead and felt like I was running through treacle and it didn't settle down. Then I desperately needed the loo thanks to drinking loads before I went out because I was so worried about dehydration.

I am going to go back to week 9 podcast in the hope of Laura spurring me on, although she doesn't say too much in those later podcasts if I remember rightly and I will have to endure that painfully awful music!

Bought new so called super trainers, supposed to be great for road running , bloody expensive too and I feel like they are not supportive enough. Should have had gait analysis , I know, but I was too intimidated to do it front of a shop full of lycra clad proper athlete types in dedicated running shop, so just sought the advice of the 14 year old at Sports Direct.

I loved my running until about 10 days ago and now it seems to have lost some joy for me. SAD!

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You will get your mojo back. This weather is tricky for running in and I totally understand the how much to drink before going out 'problem' - had to have a unscheduled stop on my last run (hoping a cyclist didn't whizz round the corner).You sound like you need the new pilot podcasts - someone has the link! Flog the new shoes on ebay and cut your losses. If you really can't face the lycra clad babes and boys (you are doing them a favour going into the shop - times are hard - think about it in terms for helping them have a job) has a superb on-line fitting guide. Everyone as a rubbish run sometimes - may be you should rest up and wait until it rains on Thursday!


I know that I keep on about it but go and do a 'free' run...put on your favourite music and just go where you want, for as long as you want and as fast as you want.

Enjoy it!

You know that you can run for 30 mins but don't beat yourself up about it.

Go and have some fun and you will get your mojo back :)


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