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Horrible, horrible run!! :-(

I know people say there is no such thing as a bad run but this morning was not good! Felt wrong from the off, stupidly put onmy

Iightweight running jacket-why I don't know as I get too hot in it in spring/autumn!! Had to stop fter ten mins to take this off nd tie it round my waist-got all tangled with my headphone wires and then dropped my phone in the grass! Carried on once I was sorted but could then feel ipod in one pocket and phone in the other banging against the backs of my legs! Had to keep stopping to walk as my legs felt like lead. I left it three days between runs this week and I don't know if it's just harder to get going again after this? Anyway, I'm not going to dwell on it and hopefully Friday will be better!

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There's nothing worse than starting off knowing something's not right.. like if you always follow a particular routine then for some reason you don't, or miss a bit.. never good.

I don't think it was the 3 day break; it was just one of those runs. Bet the next one will be ace!

:-) x


Don't fret we've all had runs like that just ignore it and I'm sure Friday will be brilliant. It's funny when I was running yesterday I remembered Laura saying you should smile as it relaxes any tension and I had been too busy worrying about whether I would finish to take in the views and actually recognise I was enjoying myself.


Ah one of those runs where the chief merit is that it feels better when it is over!


You can divest yourself of everything you don't need and life is much simpler. Ditch it and run freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


You are right though, we all have crap runs.....but I often find the next one is so much better. After we graduate I think we often put too much pressure on ourselves to go faster and further, but we should not forget how far we have progressed and that this running lark is suppose to be fun. So in the big scheme of things, does it really matter if we have a couple of crap runs, the positives are that we are off the couch and doing something, for the most part we are doing better than several months ago, we are usually maintaining our 30 minutes or so, some of us are increasing our times/distances and sometimes we are exceeding our expectations. So don't be so hard on yourself, Friday is a new running day and enjoy.

Good luck & let us know how it goes.


Sounds like it was a good run, emmalouise. You got out there. You ran. You listened to your body. And you're all set up for the next run. It was a good run, far, far better than no run. So well done you for doing it, even if a few niggles got in the way :)


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