Couch to 5K

week 1 done!

Done three runs but increased my speed for last one because it felt more natural to run at 8.5kph rather than 7.5 (I know, not really "speed" !) Have done just over 3k in the past at this speed but then my mind and body begin to say "I'm happier swimming!" so I'm a bit worried about keeping it up for the whole 30 mins but I've got another couple of months to worry about that. Does anyone else find they have a natural pace and it's hard to change it, especially to slow it down?

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Well done finishing week one! Doesn't it feel great? I've just done W2R2 yesterday, so not much further ahead. I know what you mean about speeding up "naturally" but it's so short-lived. I'm so quickly out of breath (like straight away)and have to slow right down. Can't imagine 5k, can you? Never mind, slowly does it. Good luck with 90 seconds!


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