Just back from W4R1, which was really good, even though the OH was mean to me!

So I convinced the OH to move straight onto W4 rather than repeating some W3s, so we started W4 this evening.

I was rather dubious about those 5 minute runs, but turns out they were fine! My legs haven't been hurting, not since W1 (which we did a few times), so every time Laura says "I know your legs must be hurting but keep going" I think "eeerrr, if you like!" but they were thinking about hurting towards the end of both sets of 5 mins... guess I'm just lucky?!?! OH kept complaining about his legs most of the way though!

I ditched the trakkies this time, and ran in knee(ish) length leggings. I felt lot more jiggly than usual, but maybe thats just me being a bit more self conscious cus of the leggings (not having worn just leggings out before, always had a skirt over them before). So I saw my shadow, and could see my ass shadow jiggling around, a LOT, which was rather disconcerting! Mentioned it to OH and he (running slightly behind me) says "no dont worry, its not that bad", immediately followed by "you should see the real thing from back here, much worse!"- great, thanks!!! lol. Cus I didnt have pockets (the key usually goes in my trakkie pockets) he had the key - I usually have it to stop him giving up part way through! So next time I'm using someones useful suggestion and looping it round my shoelace, so I can go home without him if he's mean to me again - that'll teach him! :)

Overall I'm really pleased with how the run went, I found it a lot easier than I expected (it was slow, but who cares, I lapped the guy on the couch!:)) and I'm rather chuffed with myself, can you tell?! :) (In a not meaning to brag way...lol)


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  • Good for you. Just completed W4R1 too and had totally had it by the end of second five run. Your bit about going slower is helpful (I kept trying but get embarassed when people run past me and tend to speed up pretending I know what I'm doing, daft I know) so will try that, cheers!

  • To put it in context, I set off sufficiently slow on the first run, that the OH tried just walking to see if he could keep up with me! He couldn't quite, but I was going quite slow, lol. :)

  • He doesn't mean to be mean, its just "man-humour". They seem to think its endearing!

    I broke out the capri length lycra this week too, but i had to break out the fake tan the night before otherwise the blue of my legs would have clashed with the black lycra. I invested in a pair of purple Nike 2 in 1 shorts yesterday but not sure when I am going to be brave enough to wear them outside.

    Well done and keep running

  • I know, men, right! ;)

    I'm intrigued why your legs are blue?! And what are 2 in 1 shorts, do they do the dishes or something?! :)

  • Ooh, I wish they did the dishes ! I assume they are the ones I've got - a mid-thigh lycra short with a looser, shorter short over the top. Like this: media.thesimplygroup.com/st...

    Mine are a better colour - purple with purple stripes underneath !

  • sfb - how did you find the fit of these? Generous or not?

    Any info appreciated.

  • I just bought them in my "normal" jeans size. They have a drawstring at the waist so I hope they'll still be usable when/if I lose enough weight to go down a size ! The lycra short is comfy (doesn't do the squeezy thing that pushes the wobbly bits out at the waist and thigh!) and the outer ones are a nice loose but not over-sized fit. I've just done 6.3 miles in them and they're really comfy, even in today's heat.

  • Thanks, going to order both sizes and see. Might start with the bigger ones then go down when - ha ha I lose weight :)

  • These weird looking things are 2 in 1 shorts


    I hate the tops of my legs but wanted shorts hopefully they won't look too wicked witch of the west on :)

    My legs are so white they are blue! I have typically celtic skin courtesy of my red haired mother.

  • Going to get some of these! What does the sizing come up like? I am a generous size 14 so think I might go for the 16 as running stuff seems to come up small and I like loose!

  • Not arrived yet, I'll let you know how easy (or not) it is to squeeze my lardy white ass into them when they get here.

  • lol :)

  • Glad your run went well. About the key in the shoelace thing - something I do when I have no pockets. It is CRITICALLY important to put the lace through the key or keyring and then back into the shoe-lace hole. Don't just loop it into your bow. Just in case the bow comes undone, I promise you that you won't enjoy back-tracking looking for that single little key!

  • OMG will make sure I remember that, lol, must be a right arse!! lol

  • Well done. I did W4R1 this evening at 6pm-bit silly really as way too hot still. Maybe thats why my legs felt like lead on the last run! I ran with my husband last week, only because he recently had hernias done and I knew he wouldnt try to race me. Prefer running on my own and at my own pace-but great for you if you can run together!

  • We waited till about 715 so was a bit cooler, but wouldnt mind nice hot weather to relax in the garden in, then a nice cool evening to run in, lol.

    He feels like I push him faster, I feel like he holds me back, but atm we're running together. Think he might drop out in a week or 2 when it gets tougher, but we'll see... I like the company but would like to feel like I can go a bit faster, or start the next week sooner!

  • Whoo hoo well done to you! :)

  • thanks :)

  • well done, brag all you want, you deserve too :)

  • Tehe, thanks :)

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