Pesky Week 4

I'm not doing so well. Might be gremlins, might be the sticky heat of 20degrees plus pouring rain today, but my W4 R2 was even worse than my fail (sorry, PRACTICE RUN) last week before my one successful W4 R1. My legs felt like lead, I struggled even with the 3 min bursts which I didnt before, I felt crap.

Fluorescent pink sweatbands still a way off.......determined to keep trying though......


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16 Replies

  • If it's any consolation it does get easier as the weeks go on.

    Maybe go out earlier in the day if you can, it's hard to run when it's hot. You'll get there eventually, no hurry and you'll look back on this as a glitch on your journey!

  • Never mind sofargoner. Take your rest day/s and try again..

    One run at a time, try not to think too far ahead. Run slowly, you can do this.

    It is hard, especially in hot sticky weather, you are gaining stamina each time you set out. It really will all settle down and come together soon. Honestly. Trust Laura.😊

    Slow and steady next time out.

  • It is harder in the heat and some days it just doesn't come together - frustrating I know. Just try again on a cooler day and put that run behind you and keep going - slowly! - good luck and keep 😀posting

  • If it's any consolation, here's how my week 3 went (and you've already passed that).

    Run 1- practice. Run 2 - Practice. Run 3 success!

    Run 4 - Practice. Run 5 - Success! Run 6 - success!

    And then, because I was really worried about upping the length of time running and not confident of managing week 4, I redid the whole week again. So, it took me 3 weeks before I nailed it down. Was it gremlins, heavy legs, despondency? I think a mixture of everything. Heavy legs were (and are) my biggest bugbear though.

    It WILL happen. Do not worry about the 'practice' runs - that's just what they are and they are still adding to your fitness (and your mental fortitude).

    That fluorescent pink photo is not as far away as you think ;)

  • my bet is heat and humidity did you in they do me every time. I now run very early or very late to overcome this

  • It was hard BUT you still did it! Well done!! I've only achieved week 2 run 3 so far and that was hard, I'm going to do a week 2 run again before I move onto w3, so I'm really impressed you've completed w4!

  • It doesn't matter how many practices you have. After all practice makes perfect 😀 The heat and high humidity at the moment are killers. Even at 6am was making me sweat (sorry glow😀) just trying to wake up with a cuppa so any run is a good one 😎

  • Well done for getting out there and running. As everyone has said take it as a practice run and just keep pressing on. I am ready for w4 r2 tomorrow and still can't believe I actually ran for 5 minutes straight. You will do it😀 I go out at 6.30am when it is cooler which I find works for me, perhaps you could try an early or a late run. Good luck

  • Week four is the worst sofargoner. Did you complete it or are you putting it down as a practice? You are doing bloody marvellous!! 🌟🌟🌟

  • Counted it as a practice as I just couldn't do it. :-(

  • Did you not complete the run? If you got through then your doing really well, you'll get runs that feel crap, that's how it goes! And don't mention fail on here! we are all winners in the end!😊

  • As others have said the heat and humidity are exhausting. You will get there in the end. Push those gremlins back in the cupboard and keep them there!

  • I tell myself that as long as it feels difficult, you're still strengthening your body and building stamina. So if it felt like crap, you've still made progress. I wish I knew what makes some runs a breeze and others just dreary and horrible. Maybe when you last ate or how much sleep you've had? I still don't know😊

  • Update W4 R2 (like...the 3rd time!)

    Yesterday I accomplished 97% of W4 R2 and felt slightly more in control of the longer run. I was aware that instead of flailing through it mentally I stopped to think about a rythmn and breathing. I found the second 5 mins very hard (again) and dropped to a walk for about 30 seconds out of it then picked up the last minute of it. I'm going to keep on till those 2x 5 mins feel easier. Thanks for sharing all your advice folks!

  • You're doing great! And you've got your head round it too by the sound of things. So no matter how many times you practice, it's all building you up. Those 5 minutes will become more 'doable', probably won't feel easy for a while but there will come a moment when you just 'know' it's doable. (think how easy 60 seconds would be now - and then think back to how you felt at the time)! I'm going to keep checking back for that pink lycra pic ;)

  • Keep going! It took me 2 weeks to get through week 3 but someone on here told me that if you are out there and doing it you are winning :-).

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