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Running post stomach bug.. Any advice please?

I seemed to have caught my kids stomach bug and I've really not been well at all today. I'm due to do w5r3 tomorrow but knowing just how much fluid I've lost today along with this ridiculous heat I don't think I'll be able to rehydrate adequately in time. How long could I rest up for before going straight back into w5r3 becomes a stupid idea?

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Longer than you think, probably ! A couple of weeks after graduating, various circumstances meant that I ended up feeling too tired/unwell to run for ten days. Then I went and joined a running club and ended up doing a 5 mile run (with only a little bit of walking) - I hadn't done much more than 5km before that. It seems the enforced rest did me good !

Don't forget that if you are dehydrated, your body will need salt as well as fluids. You can buy rehydration salts at the supermarket - or try nibbling on salted peanuts as well as drinking plenty. I'd wait until you feel well enough, then, rather than tell yourself you're aiming for the 20 minutes of running, just aim to see how far you can do to assess how recovered you really are. Take it gently and if you find you're doing well than you can complete the W5R3; if you're not ready for it, you can stop without feeling you've failed and have a bit more of a rest before the next attempt. Run when it is cooler - the heat makes more difference than you would expect.

Good luck, I hope you feel back on form soon :-)


I was in this position last week, aren't children lovely ;-) I had the bug on Tuesday, ate very little on Wednesday but drank loads. I done my next run on Friday evening, I still found it tougher than normal but did complete it (on week 7). Went last night (monday) and had one of my best runs, and that's with a cold (passed on by husband this time).

So as said above, you get dehydrated with a bug and need to be at the full sign before going for it.

Good luck!


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