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Swollen ankles - any advice

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Feel like since I started C25K I have nothing but aches and pains!

So I had noticed some niggly pains in my ankle, doesn't stop me doing the run, nor does my sore knees I push through it, I ran yesterday, and today I walked to work, and this evening I got ready for my Zumba class, and went to put my socks and trainers on, and noticed I now have really swollen ankles.

Is this just coincidence and the heat had got to me, or do you think it's anything to do with running?

I am having a rest day tomorrow before doing W5R3😁 And I want to give it my best shot any tips? Should I be doing any particular stretches.....

Or maybe I am just destined to have cankles!

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First of all, well done for getting so far into the programme. As for the ankles, my guess is that it's probably the heat. Lots of people do get swollen ankles in warm weather. The usual advice is to put your feet up to reduce swelling. My physio suggested repeatedly immersing my foot in alternate baths of the hottest and coldest water I could stand for 20 seconds each. It's surprisingly painful but works really well. If you're worried, you could always check with your GP or practice nurse.

RadleychickGraduate in reply to AncientMum

Thanks ancient mum, never thought I'd get this far, so want to work through all the niggles, I am sure it's just may body adjusting, I am enjoying it!

Thanks for the advice, if it continues I will see GP.


Make sure you stay hydrated and when you sit down wiggle your feet and toes. That works for me. You could also try 'legs up the wall pose' . Lay on the floor with your legs at 90degrees straight up the wall for 10 minutes or so ( you have to shuffle into position but it's worth the effort). Good luck!

RadleychickGraduate in reply to Bundoodle

Thanks bundoodle, will try the legs up the wall pose now!


New ( and not so new) runners are always going to get niggles and some soreness. The skill is to try to determine whether the pain is simply a niggle in a general area whereby a muscle/tendon starts to object to maybe a bit of overuse ( in which case taking it a bit easier than normal or an extra rest day or a bit of massaging may be all that it needs) -- or an intense PAIN that is just not right and REALLY hurts in a "IT'S RIGHT HERE!!!" kind of way - these latter ones need looking into!! :)


Thanks bazza, think it's just niggles - will watch the swelling and if it doesn't improve I will get medical advice - I'm having extra rest day tomorrow before next run 😁


Cankle-person here. Might be the heat. I have a pair of compression socks that fit wonderfully in the winter, and are so tight in the summer they cut off circulation and make my feet go numb.


I used to have puffy ankles and was always on about them. I had them if I ran or I didn'-t so I thought I would just run. I kept losing weight and found them much improved. Never had such trim ankles 😊

Epsom salts baths for puffy tissue don't forget ☺


I had a puffy left ankle on and off throughout the programme , came up like an elephants foot !

I used to take extra rest days and stick ice on it , that seemed to do the trick .

Good Luck , hope you get it sorted xxx

I'd say that if they are both the same, it's more likely to be the heat than injury. It doesn't rule injury out, but it's unlikely that both ankles will be injured in the same way to the same extent at the same time.

If you have a specific pain that comes when you're walking/running or if you flex your feet or when you wake up in the morning (or even perhaps is there all the time), then it's more likely to be an injury.


Thank you all for your words of wisdom, the ankles are better this morning am taking an extra rest day, will attempt the run tomorrow πŸ˜„


I'm sure you'll be fine - it has been exceptionally hot!

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