Couch to 5K

OMG this heat is driving me mad!

i hate it i hate it i hate it! well running in it anyways! Run wed normally go bout 6 after work, waited until 630 for it to cool abit did run for 30 mins but seriously thought i was gonna die! As a result i havent been since until this morning i thought the coolness of the morning would be better, went at 745 and only managed 24mins. Not only was the heat bothering me, i realised i hadnt slept very well, due to THE HEAT! Any tips i would be grateful, give me the rain, & cold dark winter anyday! Rant over thanks for listening:)

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I hear you. It's not good or comfortable out there is it. It's a whole new feeling to get used to, I was doing reasonably ok for the first 20 mins but the last 10 mins were very draining, I abandoned my plan for 40 mins to cover 5k. I was concentrating on relaxing my body and trying to put in some slow breathing. But I was an extra sweaty uncomfortable and drained mess lol


Not practical for everyone I know but I went running early in some woods and the shade of the tress was just glorious. I was wearing sunglasses and daft as it seems that made the woods feel even cooler!


I did my very first run on c25k on a warm day... it was 30 degrees when i ran... i did it mid morning to get in before the real heat hit...


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