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Driving me mad


Been resting my knee so it heals totally and I'm ok walking and other stuff but every now and then it hurts walking up stairs or putting full weight on it, then it is ok again later on, I'm so confused !! It's a weak knee as I fell on it badly 3 times in about 18 months several years ago and never been the same or quite right since , any ideas , got myself a really good knee support and taking glucosamine but thinking may be worth a trip to docs any ideas , but I'm scared doc will tell me to stop as I'm carrying a looooottt excess weight, love my running, scared eeek

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Lots of people have had to stop, or have had to begin very slowly, due to injury, and have made it through the program later! Dont be discouraged. Dealing with old injuries is part of the process, sometimes. The doc may tell you to take it easy for a while, but its hard to imagine he would discourage your effort to become more fit and drop the weight! Its possible that it can be improved with some physio, or a better brace than the ones sold over the counter. Maybe other exercises? if it is keeping you from getting out there, best to get on with getting it fixed.

Dilly23Graduate in reply to Nilzed

I'm sure he will recommend possibly other exercise, but it's first exercise I've really loved, I'm not a good swimmer or cycles ha ha xx I'm hoping I'll go easier at it or at worst and they say stop if I can she a few stone I can go back to it x gonna try w4 again at weekend and take it easy and see how it goes xx thanks


I don't do pills but I do take a daily omega fish oil capsule to help lubricate my joints

Dilly23Graduate in reply to misswobble

I was thinking of that a few friends have recommended it x


You really have nothing to lose by seeing your doctor. In the worst case, she can't help you and tells you not to run, right? Well, following a doctor's advice is a good idea, but if you are so determined to run that you won't even see the doctor because you might be told to stop, then you probably know you could choose to run anyways.

On the other hand, maybe the doctor will have some helpful ideas to keep you running. Not only exercises to strengthen your knee, but maybe also treatments, physical supports, even referrals to an orthopedist.

It's fantastic that you enjoy running. If you really want to keep going, it behooves you to make sure you are taking the best possible care of your knees so you are able to keep going years into the future.

Dilly23Graduate in reply to Alaiyo

Thankyou xx going to try and get an appointment next week to get checked out but also start again slow and easy on week 4 again until I'm told not to or I have any issues but with knee support hoping I'll be ok xx you're right on all your points xxx


So sorry to hear that you are a bit wonky at the moment.

Please DO NOT give up, but try good old Cod Liver Oil and a trip trip to the quack or [even better] the physio.

You say that you are not good with bikes, but what about the dreaded exercise bike? There is no balancing involved and you can change the resistance to suit your kneeds (see what I did there?).


A sports physio is a good idea. They can diagnose problems and give you exercises to help. Worst case, they'll send you to a doctor. I did a 9 mile obstacle run last year, knowing my knee felt "dodgy", I wanted to do it anyway, and ended up ripping my cruciate ligament and was out for months. Best to try to get it sorted first.


Suppose by not going to the doctor you finish up doing further injury which prevents you running at all? It's really worth getting this knee problem sorted out. With regard to Sallycycle's idea of an exercise bike - when I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes just over a year ago and advised to lose weight and get exercise, I used an exercise bike to begin with as there was still snow on the ground and it wasn't safe to go out walking (didn't know about this programme either in those days). The exercise bike did its job, along with keep fit exercises and healthy eating - I lost weight. In January this year I also discovered (from follow up blood tests) that I had completely reversed the pre-diabetes and my blood sugar levels are now normal. Without that exercise bike............? The bonus, incidentally, is that I have since progressed to a real bike and find it just as easy as when I was a kid. Anyway, best get that knee checked out. Good luck and best wishes.

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