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Anyone else find breathing more difficult in the hot weather?

I completed week 8 this morning which I was really happy about as on run 2 I did stop and walk for a minute in the middle which made me feel a bit of a failure. I blame the hot weather but it was the first time I'd stopped in the whole programme.

Anyway, I went out today just before 8am but it was still very warm. I found my legs were fine and my breathing rhythm was fine but I felt as if I wasn't getting enough oxygen. At times I almost felt a panicky sense of suffocation, as if my lungs just weren't big enough to get enough oxygen in me. I wasn't running faster than usual so the only difference between today and other runs is the heat. Has anyone else found it harder to breathe in this lovely weather?

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Definatley find it harder in this weather. It feels like I'm back at w1 when I couldn't inhale enough air! The leader of my group at running club told me that we will get used to running in warmer weather. However, knowing our weather patterns we will only just be getting there and it will be back to normal cooler weather!

Well done on completing w8....3 more runs until graduation :)


Yep it has been harder in this weather, as beautiful as it is! I' sure it will be raining again soon hehe


Without any doubt its more difficult, the heat saps your energy so any sort of exertion is going to be harder. The only thing is we will get more used to it come time so long as we are sensible and don't get dehydrated. Try to get out early in the morning or later evening if possible.

Good luck for week 9 and graduation.


Hi yes its much harder. I go out around 6.30 (am!) and its still too warm for me then. I was amazed seeing so many people out running as i was driving home last week, it was 27 degs, must be mental running in that heat! I yearn for the heady days of week 4 in -6 degs wearing 2 pairs of bottoms, 3 thermal tops and 2 pairs of gloves, bliss!


I was out at 2 this afternoon and blimey it was hot. Enjoyed very little of but I was extremely pleased to have my bottle belt loaded with orange squash. Ten minutes longer than my last 10k time :'(

I think I only saw one other person out running who looked less impressed than me.

Continuing the theme of this being a 'cheap' sport I now fear I need to buy a hat as my once luxuriant tresses are not what they once were I am afraid to say......


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