Bit miffed

Completed week one with first session last Sunday. Joined a gym on Tuesday and did day two indoors. Too hot on Thursday so did it in the evening. Little bike ride Friday. Major bike ride yesterday and took my dogs for two big walks. I am on week three of a slimming world diet and had no beer for three weeks now. I am approx 20lbs overweight which I need to shift. I get weighed once a week. Today is weigh day. I STAYED THE FLIPPING SAME!!! All that effort and I didn't lose a pound, All I can do is stick with it. Week Two starts today.


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  • I read a blog earlier about the way you put on muscle and increase your blood volume when you start cardio exercise. So don't worry, you will find your body toning up. I haven't lost anything since running either, but I feel really fit. Keep going its still doing you good.

  • Thanks for that . Week two starts in half an hour. Finish my brew and get on with it before it gets too hot!

  • I used to do SW when I started running, I didn't loose a thing in fact I kept putting on weight! In all honesty i probably wasnt followng the plan as accurately as i should i had been going for 2 years and lost the weight and then put it on again! So I quit that and now just try and eat sensibly and run 3x a week and am finally loosing a bit of weight again but that's only since I've graduated. Although its disheartening don't give up u will find so many other benefits from running and hopefully the weight will come off later. Happy running! :o)

  • Throw the scales away (maybe not, sounds a bit drastic). But instead take measurements with a tape measure. Its the inches that matter and all the other NSV's (non scale victories).

  • I am also doing slimming world, started same time as c 25k, finished c25k last week. Lost over forty pounds.

    But, unlike you I wasn't fairly close to target.

    Taking on new exercise does result in a temporary lack of weightloss for some people, but you will still notice a toning up.

  • I agree with at (least temporarily) ditching the scales or being unconcerned what they show and taking up the tape measure. Keep up the good work!

  • I'm finding it the same with the weight loss. I've been going to the gym 3 x a week now for the last fortnight and i am due to start week 2 of the c25k. I have hardly lost anything and I have around 2 stone to loose. This has also been paired with almost extreme healthy eating too (the weather has helped to get on the salads!).

    I wasn't expecting miracles but having spoken to a few people about it they say the same as @mrslazy's comment and i can feel my legs toning up already.

    Try not to get disheartened as you can see from this blog that so many people have finished the full 9 weeks and would never look back.

    Best of luck and look forward to hearing your progress.

  • Good advice I will not listen to the scales but watch my waist line instead - the trousers will tell me! Did week two day one today so feeling positive

  • A great start to the week for you... well done and such a positive attitude too.

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