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Training for the discombobulated continues

Training for the discombobulated continues

I think I've lost my running mojo, had anyone seen it? I've searched the couch and under the duvet but I can't seem to find it anywhere :(

I am heading to 'that' time of the month and tummy cramps have already started so I figure it's just on a temporary holiday!

I wonder if a race would keep me motivated a proper defined goal with a deadline date and everything *sigh* no money (yes I am STILL waiting to hear).

But I did still manage to get out on my bike ride today.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (downhill)

Huff and puff huff and puff (uphill)

Wooooooooooooosh (downhill)

Huff huff puff. Huff huff puff (uphill)

Beware the bull er gears there is a bull in this field come to a grinding hault, ok then I'll walk up the hill, in the field with the bull.

Lovely gentlemen on hand to lift my bike over the doohicky things, fence crossings - I know the word I just can't think how to spell it.

Weeeeeeee oooooh hell no. I'm walking down that steep hill with the very lose gravel I'm not confident I wouldn't go flying.

Huff huff

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee wooooooooossssshhhhh oooo huff huff weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Covered in mud it rained (apprently some cyclists aren't fond of the rain!?) I survived :D

Knees are feeling a bit sore. Rest day tomorrow I WILL run Thursday (you know unless erm well it all gets a bit girly). Ankles feeling good, I think the right one has even stopped popping.

I am feeling confident that I will complete the discombobulated all on the same day - but with breaks between the activities. My plan I think is to run early, then head to the pool at lunch then get on my bike in the afternoon. It's funny how I cycle and swim without needing a mental push but running its all very mental for me.

P.s picture is of all my kinesiology taping today, I'm embracing the 80s with my current colour combo

P.p.s you don't need to use two colours I just like to

P.p.p.s yes I do get people sometimes asking me about my brightly coloured taped up legs and I am more than happy to explain I have wonky joints.

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Aw Spoonie , you are doing amazing with the training , look at Ferd chilling out ha ha

Nice rest day tomorrow, and in the meantime TLC , take care you are doing brilliantly :-) xxx

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Ferd is the master at chillin


You sound to be making great strides in your training! Are you saying you cycle through the fields? Do you need a trails bike for that? I just have a bog standard road bike (NOT a racing bike though!) I am in the process of getting some training to make me safer on the roads. Then - I'll be off! Hopefully not off the bike!

I have also got myself a Leeds 'City' card which allows me to go swimming and some gym sessions for free for 3 months. I'm going to try to get some Pilates sessions in for core strength too. Hopefully it will stop me from feeling so crocked! :) :)

All power to you with the cycling! I hope you soon find your mojo again. It will turn up where you least expect it! You can't let those 80's tapes go to waste - loving how colourful you are!


Yes I go off road - fields, trails, tracks (all public bridle ways and foot paths), I do road bits as well. I have a mountain bike, it's better suited for road bits than a trail bike. You can go along bridle ways etc on a road bike if it's a good sturdy one but mountain bikes come with suspension :)

I have wondered about doing Pilates but I'd really want a beginners class I think I'd be too self conscious in a mixed group as I wouldnt have a clue, maybe I might invest in a DVD or search YouTube.

Your city card sounds great.


Hi Spoonierunning! I have done Pilates in the past and it is superb for core strength - I know I am lacking that now because I get such bad back ache after dealing with the bees. I too am hoping that there will be a Pilates beginners class. Having said that, I'm sure that you would very soon fit into a class and a good teacher will be aware that you will need more input as a newbie to it. Good luck with finding one - keep us posted!

I think I should be a lot more adventurous in finding ways to keep up the exercising.


It's yoga not Pilates but I love Ekhart Yoga. I've just had to cancel my subscription for a while as skint so will have to make do with their free selection and what they put on YouTube, but it is really splendid value. They have a good Yoga for MS programme which has wider applicability. Oh and quite a lot of stuff for 'girly times' and runners too.


Wow Pied Piper legs!! If you play music do all the bunnies follow you?

I know, a bit of an obscure reference, but your tape is the same colour and pattern (well almost) as the Pied Piper's tights in a book we had when my children were tiny. Sorry, ignore me, your photo just triggered a memory :D

Well done with all this serious training your putting in. Thank goodness we're not posting results or I'd be feeling mighty insecure after reading your posts :) :)

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I was wondering how you got pied piper from my legs. Lol love that they reminded you of the book you had, I don't remember the pied piper being so colourful in the version I had as a child, but maybe he was!

I'm only cycling once a week and this was only my third bike ride since getting the bike out of the shed, if that helps.

I did also cycle fueled only on my two bits of toast I'd had for breakfast - Ooops but the guided ride starts at 12.30 so no real time to get lunch, next week we are heading to Newstead Abby for coffee and cake before cycling home :) I will have earnt my bit of cake :D

Oh I'm not sure my results are anything super.


Good work Spoonie :)

It's been so long since I've ridden a bike, I'm really not sure how I'd get on. Especially with any kind of hill. Rest up and get ready for Thursday the all us C25Kers are cheering you on.

Also, I just love Ferd's fringe, I could look at him all day, although my cat might get jealous :)

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Essex girl so hills are new and horrible. But learning and honestly if it wasn't for the guided rides with an instructor who has been teaching me how to do them I would never have tried.

Like with running you can't look at the whole hill just keep going and keep dropping those gears and when you reach the top stop for a nice breather and some water - best bit is having to stop to drink ;)


emkeenan are you one of us for the The Dozz-ville Challenge Award For The Discombulated ? Go on, you know you want to!


Hey Dozz, what is this challenge? Throw me a link?


It's the ultimate triathlon!

You are one for us!!!!! The The Dozz-ville Challenge Award For The Discombulated is the way forward for triathletes such as you! Last two weeks of July is participation fortnight. 30 mins running, 30 swimming (full on serious swim not essential, wading in shallow end is fine) and 30 biking (excerise bike fine). Any order. Any number of days! £1 to charity entrance fee. No results to be posted. (So I don't get depressed about mine which will not be good.) Let me know. I need to keep track of numbers. Join us!!!


I'm in :) Very glad you accept exercise biking, I don't have a real bike but my housemate has an exercise bike gathering dust somewhere around here.

Not sure how many days I'll make but one can but try.


Only three little half hour slots needed. Does your housemate want to join in?


She's a brazilian, watching the football, so I don't think now is a good time to ask her :o


Mmm, definitely not.


Loving the 80's look :) with running you don't get the joy of free wheeling down hill with the wind in your face, we got bikes at the weekend because we missed it so much. Running mojo will be back soon!! Happy rest day :)

P.S i now like Julie song and I have now added it to my playlist - so mucho gracias :)

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No there is nothing like freewheeling down a hill :D

But then there are the really steep hills on a narrow trail with a drop to your side that you silently scream down

Oooh yay for the Julie song


Lieutenant Spoonierunning, you are a star! Love the legs.


Thank you


Well done on carrying on with your training.

I have a little (emphasis on little) ride on the bike most evenings with the dog leading the way. I try to match my pace to his, but why oh why does he have this habit of stopping at the bottom of the hill????


Oh, and Newstead Abbey brings back happy memories.... It is where we got engaged centuries ago!!!


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