Week 1 Run 3 done!!! In a weird free running stylee hahha.....Knee tips/advice though please?

Week 1 Run 3 done!!! In a weird free running stylee hahha.....Knee tips/advice though please?

Hi well having failed to get up at 515 am yesterday , on my DAY OFF, I wke up at flipping 5am. So I went for a run after a cup of tea hehe.....My god its hot out there already I was sweating flipping buckets when I got back!

But Ive done it!! :D Yay!

I have noticed I do the first jog fast and I need to rethink that cos I found the last one really hard today.

I changed my route slightly (ok make that totally) and ran round my town. Bit scuppered for green space round here. So I ended up jumping drains covers and kerbs - I felt like Bobo on the Go Cat advert haha :D

Knees though?........I have completely recovered from a knee injury done on a cross-trainer a few years back....now when I jog/run I can feel my knees - they dont hurt as such Im just very conscious they're there if you know what I mean. THey dont hurt after the run or anything like that, ive had gait analysis and have proper shoes....just wondered if anyone had any knee tips as I dont want to suffer later on in this programme and have trouble.....this is me being positive ;)


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8 Replies

  • I too had a knee injury at the beginning of the year and had physio, to strengthen my muscles around the knee like leaning against a door and squatting untill I was at sitting position and standing on a stair and lowering to the ground and back. You must make Sure your knee stays straight and doesn't turn in. I can't think it would do you any harm to have a go and it might just help.

    I try to do at least half my run off road so it doesn't get too much jarring especially now I'm doing more distance. Good luck.

  • Thanks - I also notice its worse if I run down a hill - my knees seem to prefer uphill!

  • Well done. Knees and hips definitely dont like downhill!

  • Ah you see I didnt know that!! Right ill go back to my old route of down the wonderfully quiet A6! *cough*...its either flat or uphill the way I go so I will stick to that from now on!

  • I was up at 5 this morning 14 degrees but meeting my friend at half eight, just looked at temperature its now 23.2 derees,

    Will be jogging along seafront so hopefully a tad cooler.

    Well done to you, my knees hurt at the start of a run and afterwards too, I avoid the hills no brave enough yet

  • Well done ezmee!!

    This is my first time on this community blog but I have to admit to have been following your progress since Monday. Call me shy!

    I'm like you but ten years on - 51 years old woman, two clothes sizes to drop down (when I'm being honest with myself). I haven't done any sport at all since leaving school and this is the scariest thing I've tried for years. Did you imagine before starting that you'd get through 60 seconds? And here we are!! This morning I got up and ran at 6.30 and have felt elated ever since that last "pat on the back" from Laura. Well done us!!

    I'm starting W2R1 on Monday morning and amazingly looking forward to seeing what 90 seconds of running feels like.

  • Aw thanks! Im doing W2R1 Monday as well!! And yes, well done us! Im still smiling nearly 9 hours later hehe

  • As a 50 & 3/4 year old who had 5 stone to lose (about a stone left to go!), and who hadnt run for 35 years till last November when I started this (avoided games at all cost at school, apart from the odd hockey match(, may I say welcome and good luck! Learning I can run and push myself way beyond my comfort zone has changed my life!

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