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week 9 - back after a week resting shins!! :-)

week 9 - back after a week resting shins!! :-)

Well today I woke up and the first thought to hit me was "is my shin still hurting?" yesterday when i rotated my right foot outwards it hurt like mad but this morning in bed it didnt!! so I did the kids school run etc.. felt a teeny tiny twinge in my shins but thought "right - Im going to try and if it hurts I will stop" I put on my ugly shin support though for extra confidence ( not sure it did anything except make my leg sweatier and hotter than it was already!) and this meant i had to waer my full length running trousers to cover it up...but hey ho its not about how you look is it? I warmed up ( jeez you could have fried an egg on my forehead so thats an understatement!) and off I went slowy slowly .. felt OK! :-) I tried to lean forward slightly and relax my feet and run from my core as in the chi running book (im only on chapeter two so no idea if this is right or not but it felt good) - disaster struck when my podcast stopped working and my music stopped about 10 mins in tho but I kept running and just switched to the Nike + app so my music continued and I got an update every 1k. I wasnt really thinking this would be my "proper" week 9 run 2 run anyway because I was just "testing" my leg....;-)

I managed to run for 4.25k - did this in 38.23 mins and fastest pace was 6' 11" :-) so all in all was happy! I did walk for about 10 mins of this though. I also noticed something.... I pass a bungalow on my run and since run 1 this bungalow has had the SAME greetings cards up on its windowsill...for 10 - 11 weeks...I have run past and made a mental note to myself " no still there.." I was starting to think maybe the occupant inside had died or something and that nobody had noticed!! :-\ ( my imagination can run faster than my legs you see) but Im happy to report that today the cards had gone! yay! so I can stop worrying....boy can I waffle on...

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Well done on having the guts to get out and do it :-)

I still have some degree of shin pain. But when I started it was agony after 8 x 1 minute runs. Now it's more of an ache after a 30 minute run. I am putting it down to my muscles getting stronger and more flexible - which is exactly what I hoped the C25K program would achieve since it had stopped me starting running several times in the past.

Keep it up!



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