Couch to 5K

Officially a runner? Week 6 Run 3 completed this muggy morning!

Dead chuffed with myself. And also can't quite believe I did it. Every time I've tried Beginner to 5K programmes in the past I've never made it past about 7 minutes of running. Not going to get too complacent quite yet, but feel like 30 minutes is do-able! I don't think I'll be anything close to running 5K though, I'm so slow. Anyway, yippeeee. I'll worry about the speed later!

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Well done MissV!

Don't worry about speed till you've graduated would be my advice.

Keep going, you've definitely got the bug :)


a HUGE CONGRATS to you, MissV!!!! YAY! I, too, completed my W6R3 this morning and am over the moon because I did it!!!! I can see I'm in good company (hey, i'm not too fast myself, but I ran and didn't walk until it was time for the cool down). Job well done!


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