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Pulled a hamstring. Less than 4 weeks before HM

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This is going to be a moan full of selp pity, so feel free to skip right over it.

After Monday's crappy run I took Tuesday and Wednesday off from running, and feeling on top of the world I set off today on my speed interval. Following warm-up I jogged gently for one km, and then did intervals with 1 min fast, 2 min slow. The first three intervals went perfectly well. Towards the end of interval 4 I had a "niggle" in my right leg, and a few seconds later a nasty pain. I stopped. Rested. Tried walking slowly for a few minutes, but it was more limping than walking.

Turned around and limped slowly back the 3 km to home. Have been sitting with a pack of frozen veg in a towel wrapped around my leg for the last 20 minutes, and have just slipped into my super sexy compression shorts and have put a knee compression tube thingymahjah on as well. Taken two NSAIDs that I've got laying around for when my gout rears its ugly face (happens a LOT more rarely after I started to run and lose some weight).

On the 19th October I am running a half marathon. I was planning on pushing myself hard(ish) for two more weeks, and then have a two week taper before the race. Instead I'm sitting here thawing our vegs and feeling sorry for myself. Having read up on hamstrings, I think the "pushing myself hard" is over and done with for the time being, but am still hoping to be able to get some gentle recovery running in soonish and still get ready. Let's see how it feels in 48 hours. Please keep fingers crossed.

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Oh Tomas this is such bad news :( Really hope you start to feel better soon. You sound like you're doing all the right things but, if you're feeling rich and desperate, you could always make an appointment to see a physio. A little bit of professional attention now could speed you on your way to recovery. Good luck

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TomasGraduate in reply to AncientMum

Thanks AM. I don't feel rich, but I do feel somewhat desperate - have been looking forward to and training for this HM for quite a while, so it couldn't have happened at a much worse time. Funny you should mention physio, as I was just googling for sports physio therapists in York. If I don't improve enough to manage a gentle jog over the weekend, I shall cough up and pay for the professionals to do what they do best :)

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Fingers crossed - hope its ok and your able to do your HM in 4 Weeks!

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Fingers crossed for you Tomas, I am sure there is no need to worry about not pushing it for the next 4 weeks you will have done the work already and be fine. Hope the frozen veggies work.

Oh Tomas, I feel for you. However, you're doing the right things and you've got 4 weeks.

I think the body recovers remarkably quickly so hopefully you'll feel a little better even tomorrow. I'll keep everything crossed for you.

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Fingers, toes, legs, arms and everything else crossed for you! Hope it's a heal quickly job!

Ach, what a major pain Tomas. Hopefully it'll ease of quickly with your RICE regime. However three, four days off - even a week - won't do you any harm at this stage, you've put the preparation in. It's better to make sure you're absolutely OK before trying even a gentle run. And like AM advises, early physio intervention could just be the thing to speed up your recovery - worth the investment.

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Oh Tomas, I am so sorry to hear that.

Pah, they come out of nowhere these flippin' things don't they ? Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery , all the best xxx

That really is rotten. Hopefully you won't be laid up for too long but I would echo that if you can afford the physio go for it. Good Luck

Sorry to hear this Tomas. I can't offer any advice, I'm afraid, but my fingers are crossed for you.

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Thank you for all the good vibes, that feels lovely! :)

This morning it's only a dull ache that doesn't trouble me when walking. Maybe it was the rest, ice, compression and elevation. Or maybe it was the red wine with dinner, the creme brullet and yougurt for desert (yes, I did feel sorry for myself), or maybe it was the good vibes from here. Anyway, feels a lot better.

I shall continue to wear my compression pants today and do nothing more strenous than essential walking.

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Oh, no - I hope the improvement is continuing, but take it easy and hopefully you'll be back up to strength and in that HM. Fingers crossed for you.

Tomas how awful. Can completely understand that feeling as I am just coming back from a twanged hamstring. RICE will help as will foam rollering - well it helped me. Don't try to do much for about 5 days - also worked for me. Fingers firmly crossed for you

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