Couch to 5K

Half Term Report

Just back from W5R1 so that is me kinda half way through the programme; if anyone had told me that in just over a month I would be running for that length of time I would have been expecting their next conversation to be with the nice chaps in the white coats and the yellow van. But here I am (and even if I say so myself I am feeling rather chuffed).

My biggest problem is still starting off too fast which is compromising the rest of the run, pace usually settles down in the later stages though. I suspect the next two runs will make sure that particular problem is knocked out of me (where did that 20 minute run appear from?)

During the last run of W4 I must confess that for a brief period I was thinking to myself “I am actually enjoying this” at which point Reality came and slapped me over the back of the head, but it is a start (I blame the sunshine personally). This has not been the only craziness going on either takeaways/treats when out for a coffee/chocolate have stopped and also managed to hit the gym on the odd occasion as well!

Although looking forward to the next few weeks my focus is on getting past week 5 as this seems to be the turning point.

Thanks to everyone who shares their stories on here; the support and advice is amazing and helps with the motivation.

Happy running everyone!

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Sounds like you're getting the bug! Well done for sticking to it and good luck for the next run! Keep posting!


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