Graduation report

It's taken exactly 9 weeks with runs usually on Fridays, Sundays and Wednesdays. From my hesitant start running small circles in the park across the road (I wanted to be near home If anything went wrong) to confidently striking out on the local Parkrun route (not yet finished). From being a sweaty lobster to being a slightly less sweaty less red lobster. From running in anything I could find to owning a vast collection of brightly coloured Lycra, here are a few of the things I learned:

1. The programme works. It doesn't matter whether you use Laura or just follow the timings, you see the improvements week by week.

2. Running needs to become part of your life. Schedule your runs, make them part of your regular routine so the habit sticks.

3. Tell everyone what you are doing, they will keep you focused. This forum is a big part of that.

4. Focus on time and don't think about speed. If you want to track progress, measure distance as it will increase with time and with the small changes in speed that naturally occur.

5. At least in the south of England, the early morning is a wonderful thing, usually clear, often sunny, and less windy than it will become.

6. On the subject of wind, if you run in an open area, plan your run to avoid headwind.

7. For the women, invest in a good sports bra.

8. You don't need fancy running clothing but if you can afford it it helps with comfort and motivation.

9. Stretching is really important. My approach is warm up walk, stretches, run, stretches, cool down walk, more stretches (if you use Laura, pause her while you stretch).

10. Benefits include better mood, feeling more healthy, having more energy, being able to sleep better, better posture, better fitting clothes, being motivated to increase my activity in general and in particular do more walking and swimming.

I really can't thank the people on this forum enough for their continuous support, and I hope in turn my words will help others. Now onwards to the rest of my running life.

Good luck both to those still to complete, and those on the next stage of their running journey.


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  • well done codfish big congratulations of your achievement :D welcome to the grads lounge :D its your round I think :D

  • Thank you, but you will have to chase me to get it

  • Hey, well done Codd! Fantastic news! Agree with all your points too, especially number 10. That's exactly how I've felt, so much better :)

  • I hope we continue to progress - am sure we will

  • Fab post! Many congratulations to you coddfish. Your points are spot on and should encourage others just starting. Enjoy your running future.

  • Thank you

  • Well said and well done.

  • Thank you

  • Yep.. well said... all good advice there :-)

  • Thank you

  • Great post.

  • Thank you

  • Congrats on your graduation! I love your list of points. Enjoy your continuing running journey xx

  • Thank you

  • Lovely post, well done you on your graduation! Enjoy your running! x :-)

  • Thank you

  • Great post and massive well done Codd!! It's motivating to read you and others since Xmas have graduated. I'm plugging away, would have graduated this weekend but stupid foot pain has delayed me. Your success adds to my determination, thanks :) enjoy your hard earned victory!!

  • You will soon be there, good luck with the rest of the programme

  • What a great achievement! And a super post! I'm glad you've grasped the torch, to encourage those behind you! Well done!

  • It feels really good, thank you

  • Congratulations. I finished today too and feel on top of the world. How do you plan to keep going?

  • Yes I just saw that, congratulations to you too. I intend to make 1 run each week a long run where I try to build up my distance to 5k without worrying about time, and use the other 2 to try to develop speed by doing shorter bursts / intervals over 20-30 minutes.

  • Brilliant post Codds, youve said it all ! Amaxzing....

    Many Congratulations to you and have a fab holiday :-) xxx

  • Thank you

  • Congratulations on graduating and on a fab post. I really agree with all of your points. Keep running ;)

  • I certain,t shall. Thank you

  • Thank you very much

  • Well done Graduate Coddfish - you did it!

  • Thanks Yvette, still feeling great

  • congratulations. I love a graduation post. Mine soon :)

  • I am looking forward to reading your report soon - good luck

  • Huge congratulations! Thank you for all your support to everyone over those 9 weeks. Love your point number 5 - discovering early mornings has been an amazing bonus for me too. Do keep posting to let us know how the running is going.

  • Thank you. This is a really wonderful place for mutual support. There's not going to be anything happen that others haven't experienced before. I think it's great we can help each other.

  • Sorry I missed your post Codfish. Congratulations on graduating it really is an epic programme and changes so many lives for the better. Enjoy your running

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