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Bad Day :(

I should have known today was going to be a bad day when my toddler decided to start the day at 5.30 this morning, but it's got steadily worse. For instance I was outside the front door setting up the pram so I could take the toddler and baby to the park, I knelt down and felt a sharp pain in my left shin. I stood up and did a few stretches, and then heard the ominous sound of the front door slamming behind me - toddler had shut me out & I didn't have my key...

With the baby screaming (also inside the house), and after 6 attempts to get hold of my other half, I managed to persuade toddler to push his play table over to the door and climb up and open it. Thank god for that! However when kneeling down to pick baby up, I could feel the stabbing pain in my shin again. Also whilst walking to the park I had to leg it after the toddler who had made a break for it, and I felt my hamstring go in my right leg!

I'm meant to be starting Week 2 tonight and I've been really looking forward to it, so now I don't know what to do. When I walk neither leg hurts, but if I kneel down the pain in my shin is quite intense and I'm worried my hamstring will feel the same if I run. If I put some ice on both areas, do you think that will help? I'm tempted to give it a go and take it slow and see how I feel. If I feel ok when I walk it can't be that bad...right?!!

I've just re-read this post and not only is it incredibly long (apologies!), but my toddler sounds like a nightmare!!! ??

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Hi oh my days your day sounds awful :(

I really dont know what to advise about your leg. When I went for my shoes today I said about pains when I ran in front of legs and she said it was shin splints and body getting used to the exercise....going by what others have said to me...I would get some good running shoes if you havent already cos you dont want to injure yourself and then be out of action for ages.....apart from that I dont know - sorry :( could you see how you feel tomorrow instead of tonight - give it another 24 hours?


If you are feeling that much pain I wouldn't run, I think ice is the answer and see how it goes. Hard I know when you are keen to go. Hope you feel better tomorrow.


Its amazing how when you first start jogging how many aches and pains our legs seem to get. If you are really in pain a rest day will do more good than harm, so listen to your body & legs (in this case). Tomorrow is always another day. Take care.


My toddler did exactly the same to us! He's 13 now.....

One day you will be able to look back and laugh :-)


well done for just getting through the day without going mad and still wanting to go running, you sound like a very strong woman. sorry no help or advice just a well done and hope tomorrow is a better day for you, sending hugs xx


Your house sounds like mine! Surprising we stay sane isn't it. ;D We'll look back & miss these days, so I'm told. Re your legs I would advise not to run until the pain's gone, you don't want to cause even more injury and be unable to run for even longer. I'm never sure about when to use ice or heat so can't help with that I'm afraid.


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