feeling down...unable to run...soo frustrated with shin splints :-(((

feeling down...unable to run...soo frustrated with shin splints :-(((

I ran week 9 run 1 last friday...I had shin splint type pain in my right leg but had rested it and felt able to run.. as soon as I started to run I felt the "ow ow ow!" pain but as the run went on it eased.. I did the full 30 mins no problem and iced when I returned along with stretches... but the next day I could barely put any weight on that leg at all :-( I have been resting it since then but although each day is a little better I can still feel pain when walking especially down stairs. It is so so SO disheartening I just want to run! I feel like all my hard work is ebbing away from me, I have my first 5k on 10th June and want to be able to complete it! I have bought a book on Chi running (not read), a shin support ( not used it)and a elastic band thingy to practise some strengthening excersizes with ( not done any!) because I feel so down in the dumps and am worried that as soon as I run on it again the pain will return! I have had gait analysis and only worn my fab new running shoes once!!!!!!!!!! :-(((((


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  • Oh, I feel for you - I had shin splints in my right leg last year. I was given a compression bandage which I used, iced my leg after runs and changed my shoes. Being patient was something else, but did go away eventually. I took painkillers 15 minutes before runs, stretched and did cool down stretches religously. Strangely enough despite having gait analysis and new shoes what finally gave me the best relief was bog-standard insoles for my running shoes given to me by the podiatrist and things started improving fast afterwards.

  • really? thats interesting, would I be able to buy these insoles online? I have seen quite a few types on amazon but dont know which ones to buy! I have a straight run so dont pronate etc but i guess I could do with arch support? Did you still continue to run even with a niggling pain or did you wait until it had totally gone before you ran again? Thanks for your advice - will try anything!

  • I think you can buy insoles at Tesco's or Boots. Mine are not personalised or special in any way - there is a lot of arch support and I think that is what did it for me. I now have insoles in all my shoes, boots etc. I did continue to run but couldn't do it without painkillers. I just slowed everything down - I don't ever want to have to deal with that pain.

  • thankyou, I will certainly be buying some insoles now! I cant take any painkillers except paracetamol because im allergic to everything! :-( waaaa! xx

  • dont do the insoles, find out your 'gait', it then might recommend insoles, but diagnose the problem correctly first. It would be like saying your eyesight isnt as good as it used to be and just getting some reading glasses off the shelf from tescos.

  • thanks - yes I had gait analysis about 10 days ago now and got some new shoes - unfortunatley I already had the shin splints and think I havent let them heal up enough before I tried out my first and only run in my new shoes! I have a straight running form so no obvious reasons for it!

  • good luck, and just remember to be kind to yourself - you can do all these amazing things

  • have you had a look at shin splints on Wikipedia? I think you need to study the causes and treatment so you don't end up with a problem far worse. Its great to get feedback on here but maybe your own research combined will only help you get back on form in a safe way! :) That said Good Luck and I will send some healing vibes to you :)

  • Make sure the problem isnt caused by you running in the wrong type of shoes. Go to your local specialist running shop (or a DW fitness) they can put you onto a treadmill and video you running for ten seconds. They will be able to see what your running style is and how your ankle rolls as it hits the ground, from that they can recommend the (expensive) necessary trainers.

    For some people this cures almost all these kind of aliments, also gets some compression socks, helps with the pain in the calves.

  • So sorry for you! Hope you get better soon, what about trying swimming while it heals? At least you will still be working out...

  • thankyou :) id love to go swimming but its not easy - I have 4 children you see, so theyd all want to come with me and two of them being under 7 i wouldnt do much swimming lol! Also our nearest pool is 8 -10 mile drive away.. :( Running is the only thing i can fit in around the kids really as it only requires stepping out the door! I might have a go at brisk walking tomorrow but with the support on if its feeling better, at least it would be keeping up my fitness ;-)

  • Gosh! I do admire you! Good idea to do the walking, good luck! X

  • I was advised to use a foam roller, I got mine on ebay.

    Search youtube for shinsplints and foam roller to find videos on how to use.

    There are also plenty of helpful suggestions on here.

    i got rid of the pain in about 4/5 days using the roller, it hurts at first but bear with it.

    You have my sympathy injuries are so disappointing, I`m onto my second sore knee :(

    Good Luck :)

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