Week 4 R2 done!

Week 4 R2 done!

Whoop whoop! Loved it! I did Week 4 R1 on Friday after work and kept on the flat - today I ran round our park which has some great undulations (+steep bits!) & oh yes one of the 5 min runs started just at a really steep section - nearly stopped but kept going - then Laura piped up and said I was half way through just as I reached the top (whoop whoop!) then I had 2.5 mins on the flat to finish off :D so pleased!!

Also 4km covered in total - cool bananas!!! I can feel 5k coming on!

Piccie is from the woodland section of my run today - was lovely to be under the trees and beats running on the pavements!

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  • Lovely pic. Well done!

  • Wow, as someone who avoided uphills till weeks after graduating, that is so impressive, lovely piccy x

  • Thanks both! I just realised I'm nearly half way through the programme already! 3 more runs and I'll be there! Where does the time go?! :P must be enjoying myself!!

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