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Sports bra more useful than just shock absorber!

Hi all, went for my second week 5 run this morning. Lovely weather and quite a warm temperature. I decided to go to a local lake to run around only problem was it was too warm for my jacket with zip pockets. So you've guessed it car keys neatly tucked into the left side and phone on the right. Not ideal I must admit but better than carrying it all.

Run went well but think I might do one more before I tackle the 20 minutes of run 3.

Enjoy your runs this week x

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haha. this made me laugh.

be aware though. I have had to stop popping my phone into my bra as the screen has developed moisture damage where I didnt get changed straight after & now looks as if it has gone mouldy :)


I used to put my ipod in my sports bra but I worried about it geting too sweaty and damaging it so bought one of these: and it's been great. Cheap too.


Ooo thanks for that link - I'm going to get one of them.

I have a graze on my arm from the armband which holds my ipod - it slips down and rubs away my skin.

Thank you :-D


I thought I was pushing it sticking my mp3 player down my bra middle - I salute you - in a league of your own! Well done on the run.


It was warmer today, so yes carrying phone / keys / and Laura is becoming a problem, thanks Babana I thinkIi will order one!

Keep going Mrslazy, you can do it, i did today, its a great feeling, (mind you I wont tell you how long i've just slept for! i think my body is still in shock, )

Mrslazy need to change your name soon! far from it I think. :) :)


Thanks for your comments, I have a birthday coming soon so will add the belt to my list, I can't go and buy anything now as my 3 daughters are very enthusiastic about my journey on c25k and are sure to be arranging running gifts!

I will change my name when I reach graduation, I will definitely deserve it then. S x


so true....key on left side today and wires to i.pod posted down the middle. It works for me!

Enjoy your 3rd run....I was dreading it....and if I can, you can! good luck.


I just got an armband called a YFumble which is just like an elasticated sleeve, no fastenings. I find the strapped on armbands irritating and I'm not keen on the belts either so I think this could be just what I'm looking for. They have a website.


I use an Onyaback - a packaway backpack. It may have my wallet and purse in it or just my keys (yesterday I completely forgot I was wearing it) This has the advantage that if you have gone out with a warm top on that you want to take off, it can go in there too.


I always put my keys down my bra!!:) Handy things, these bra's!


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