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Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra Help!

I have two of these fab bras but I'm having trouble with one of them. When I was trying to get it on the other morning, the shoulder strap hook kept pinging out of the adjuster loop on the left side. When I finally got it on, it pinged undone again during my warm up (backwards windmills - a crazy sounding move by Jillian in the 30 Day Shred) and again during the workout.

Has anyone else had this problem? A colleague who runs a lot said she was bought one but stopped using it due to it coming undone all the time. Can I fix it?

I was thinking I could a) sew the strap on so it doesn't come out of the loop (but I'm not sure about this - could it rub?) or b) use fabric glue to bind it together? The trouble is, the strap is fabric but the loop area is like a foam material

Help please!

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D'oh! I didn't mean foam - neoprene is what I meant!


Hi think this is a common fault as when I was deciding what to buy read about them undoing in reviews so went for different one might be worth googling it to see if someone else has a quick fix sorry I dont :'( kate ps day two jillian and my arms hurt sooo much lol


You made it to Day 2 before your arms hurt? I was practically crippled after the first day! As you already know from my posts I'm sure - lol. Well done for getting started with it, it does get easier I promise (not a lot but it does).

Today was Day 10 of Level 2 for me and I can't wait to get started on Level 3 - I'm aiming to finish by the end of the month. Then I'm moving on to Shredded in 30.............

I wish I'd known about the strap issue before buying but they were in the sale so I couldn't resist - however it seems my BF has had a cunning plan though so I might try that first unless a helpful bod on here can help.

Good luck with the rest of your Shred

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No, no, stay on level 2, level 3 is NASTY!!!!!!!! It's ALL upper body strength, planks and press up thingies and serious nasty aches across the shoulders!

Re the bra, can you sort of squeeze the hook so it's just about closed when hooked over the neoprene bit? If you use fabric glue that could leave lumps and bumps and sharp bits that stick in, possibly.


Well I got my needle and thread out & I hope I've sorted out the pinging! I looped the thread around the metal hook that goes through the neoprene then I passed it through the other metal part and back through the neoprene - so in effect I've "sewn" it together but without actually putting threads into the straps. Hopefully this should stop the hook coming back out of the strap.

Sorry, I know what I've just written makes no sense but I thought I'd update!



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